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Essence Color & Go Nail Polishes

I am not one to ever turn down a good deal so I when I saw some Essence polishes at Ulta, I decided to get a few. For the $1 price tag, I wasn’t expecting anything too special and I was more than happy to try something new. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t noticed this brand even during my regular trips to Ulta. I am glad to report that I think these polishes are just fine. I can’t speak of their longevity just yet, but I thought the colors were nice, pigmented and the brush wasn’t atrocious. I actually liked the brush because it’s wide and it covers my nail bed pretty well in one swipe.  I didn’t pick very original colors, but now I know that I can purchase additional colors without reservations.


Nude It! is just a plain old neutral. There is nothing really special about this color but the formula is fine and was opaque with two coats. I wouldn’t really wear this color too often but it makes a good base for stamping and other nail art.


OPI Not Like The Movies, is that you? It’s actually not really a dupe but it has some similar properties. I do like the OPI version better because it has some tiny glitter which really makes it shine. However, I think that Where Is The Party? has a more pronounced color shift. It’s very pretty, but I definitely don’t like the visible brushstrokes.


Boring black? Well, I can’t remember the last time that I wore a black polish on its own. Black is Black won’t wow anyone because it’s just a staple color. Again, I don’t think I’d get much use out of this nail polish on its own but it’s shiny, creamy and pigmented.


Overall, I can’t really complain about these polishes. They are dirt cheap and have a good formula. These are cute little polishes that I can see myself putting in a goody bag or something similar. I’m sure my little cousins would love them for sure. You can’t go wrong for $1!!!