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31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 21: Tribal Print Nails

Much like Nicole, I was not really looking forward to doing tribal print nails mostly because I never really liked the way they look. I guess I’ve just always found the patterns too busy for my liking, but I have definitely seen some really amazing manis from talented ladies. I was super duper tempted to just do a skittle mani and use a stamp for the print, but I decided to finally do some kind of free-hand design attempt. Oh boy do I need practice! I started out with 2 coats of essence Nude It!

essence Nude It! Swatch          essence Nude It! Swatch

Nude It! is one of my favorite–if not my favorite–nude color. I like wearing nude colors on their own because my short sausage fingers look longer.

These are all the polishes and tools that I used for the design that follows: essence Let’s Get Lost and Break Through for the color accents, my nail art polishes in black and white and a dotting tool.

Are you ready for my interpretation of tribal print?

Tribal Print Nails          Tribal Print Nails

To tell you the truth, I am surprised that these came out somewhat decent. While I don’t see myself doing this type of design again any time soon, I am glad that I am finally trying some free-hand stuff. Practice makes perfect, right?

What do you think about tribal print nail designs? What do you think about my first free-hand attempt? (Be nice!) Don’t forget to check out Nicole’s tribal print nails over at Polish Me, Please! Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check back for our next challenge: Galaxy Nails!


Essence Color & Go Nail Polishes

I am not one to ever turn down a good deal so I when I saw some Essence polishes at Ulta, I decided to get a few. For the $1 price tag, I wasn’t expecting anything too special and I was more than happy to try something new. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t noticed this brand even during my regular trips to Ulta. I am glad to report that I think these polishes are just fine. I can’t speak of their longevity just yet, but I thought the colors were nice, pigmented and the brush wasn’t atrocious. I actually liked the brush because it’s wide and it covers my nail bed pretty well in one swipe.  I didn’t pick very original colors, but now I know that I can purchase additional colors without reservations.


Nude It! is just a plain old neutral. There is nothing really special about this color but the formula is fine and was opaque with two coats. I wouldn’t really wear this color too often but it makes a good base for stamping and other nail art.


OPI Not Like The Movies, is that you? It’s actually not really a dupe but it has some similar properties. I do like the OPI version better because it has some tiny glitter which really makes it shine. However, I think that Where Is The Party? has a more pronounced color shift. It’s very pretty, but I definitely don’t like the visible brushstrokes.


Boring black? Well, I can’t remember the last time that I wore a black polish on its own. Black is Black won’t wow anyone because it’s just a staple color. Again, I don’t think I’d get much use out of this nail polish on its own but it’s shiny, creamy and pigmented.


Overall, I can’t really complain about these polishes. They are dirt cheap and have a good formula. These are cute little polishes that I can see myself putting in a goody bag or something similar. I’m sure my little cousins would love them for sure. You can’t go wrong for $1!!!