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Color Club Wham! Pow!

Ahhhhhh summer! The heat is starting and it’s not just my prozac. I am dreading the weather so much this year, but it’s been really cool lately so I’m not ready to full on complain just yet. The warmer it gets, the crazier I want my nails to look. Is that normal?


I know I’ve talked about radioactive polishes, but this one takes it to another level. I had to take about a million pictures in order to get something that didn’t make my camera lens explode. This orange is so aptly named: Wham! Pow! It really is like a punch to your eyeballs, right? The formula was pretty good and applied very smoothly. I LOVE THIS ORANGE!


Dreamsicle is another China Glaze specialty glitter. I thought about layering this on top of white because it made me think of those 50/50 bars that I loved so much when I was a kid, but when I saw how crazy Wham! Pow! looked on its own, I decided to tame it down a bit with glitter. Since when does glitter tame any polish?


Since I got my new BM plates yesterday, of course I wanted to try them out. I couldn’t make up my mind what design to use until I saw this citrus-y design. I just wanted to see how the quality of the plates stood up to Konad. I am pleasantly surprised to report that the Bundle Monster plates are freaking awesome.

I am going to start on my 4th of July nails right now, and I am afraid that it’s going to be a huge mess. Wish me luck.