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31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 19: Floral Print Nails

I was at a loss today. I didn’t want to do any dotting tool flowers but knew I couldn’t really freehand any flowers unless I wanted my nails to look messy and silly. Stamping to the rescue! As much as I try to stay away from stamping during these challenges, I know that I am just NOT good enough to whip out my nail art brushes and come up with something amazing. Well, let me tell you that stamping didn’t help me much today anyway. I actually did two looks today and I am not really happy with either. I’ll show you the one I settled on first and then I will show you the one that made me try again.

First, I started with OPI We’ll Always Have Paris.

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Swatch          OPI We'll Always Have Paris Swatch

We’ll Always Have Paris is one of my favorite dark polishes from one of my favorite collections: La Collection De France. This polish is just so pretty, super pigmented and shiny.

OPI We'll Always Have Paris Essie Nothing Else Metals BM 323          OPI We'll Always Have Paris Essie Nothing Else Metals BM 323

I used Bundle Monster stamp BM 323 for this rose design and alternated white roses and metallic roses (using Essie Nothing Else Metals.) Why did I do that? I have no idea. I was just kind of irritated and frustrated with my first design. Are you ready to see it?

China Glaze Classic Camel Swatch          China Glaze Classic Camel Swatch with flower

Ehhhh….I don’t know what to say about these either. I wish I had just stuck with my simple mani of We’ll Always Have Paris and stopped there. As I’ve said before…not every mani is going to be a winner and clearly these are way at the bottom of the totem pole.  The next challenge calls for delicate print…what the heck am I gonna do then?? At least I have a few days to think about it.


OPI Tickle My France-y & We’ll Always Have Paris

I am just about ready to give up on doing gradient manicures. I just don’t understand why I have such a hard time with them! I’ve tried just about a million tips that other nail gurus have offered, but my gradients just keep coming out harsh and choppy–never smooth and beautiful. My nails for the challenge yesterday, which you can see here, are a perfect example of how my gradients always turn out. I love the colors that I used, but that weird and uneven gradient totally killed it. So in order to make up for that, I picked a Fall color and lovely nude to work with: OPI Ticke My France-y and OPI We’ll Always have Paris–both from the Collection de France. I seriously love that whole collection.

OPI Ticke My France-y Swatch          OPI Ticke My France-y Swatch

Tickle My France-y is perfection. It’s such a gorgeous pinky nude that is opaque and easy to work with and doesn’t need a billion coats: I only needed two. Since I kind of failed on my previous tape manicure, I decided to try it again WITHOUT the gradient.

OPI Tickle My France-y And We'll Always Have Paris Tape Manicure          OPI Tickle My France-y And We'll Always Have Paris Tape Manicure

After I applied the stripping tape, I then painted over my whole nails with OPI We’ll Always Have Paris. I know this is a fairly common manicure but it’s only the second time I use stripping tape this way. If you’ve never tried this, just make sure that you do one nail at a time because otherwise the top layer of polish will dry and you will have a serious mess on your hands–literally!

So, you tell me: did redeem myself from yesterday’s gradient disasticure? Thanks for catching up with my crazy nail adventures–talk to you soon.