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Stamping Saturdays #35

Stamping Saturdays #35

Happy Saturday and welcome to another installment of Stamping Saturdays! I can’t believe that I stayed up until like 4 am last night and then I woke up at 8:30 for no apparent reason. Now I’ve just been watching Project Runway and putting off doing the cleaning I need to do. I’ve always loved Project Runway but I still sorely miss Michael Kors. I do like Zac Posen, but Michael was in a class by himself. I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do for today’s post, so I looked through my melmers and decided to use Chanel Taboo. I’ve only used this polish once since I bought it mainly because it wears like crap on me. It basically stared completely peeling off my nails the same day. Anyway, let me show you what a did for my stamped mani today.

Chanel Taboo 1Chanel Taboo 2Yes, Chanel Taboo is gorgeous. Yes, it is too expensive. No, it’s not really worth it if the brand wears poorly on you. I think that body chemistry has a lot to do with how polish wears on you so I’m sure that Chanel wears perfectly fine on other people–just not on me. I guess this is a good thing because I only have one Chanel in my collection but that doesn’t keep me from admiring others from afar. My wallet is happy.

Mash 42 1Mash 42 2I then used this flowery image from plate MASH 42 and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes to stamp this design. I’m feeling a little meh on this overall, but it has this laid back island feel too it that I’m kind of enjoying.

What are your plans today? It’s pretty freaking hot here today so I’m probably just going to be lazy and do some cleaning…and maybe watch a bunch of zombie stuff on Netflix. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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Total late night post tonight! Since I don’t work tomorrow, I’m being daring and staying up past 8 pm. Ohhhh….I live a very interesting life, don’t I? I met up with Daniel today so we could sorta celebrate his birthday. For being friends for so long, can you believe that I was totally thinking that he had just turned 34 but he just turned 35! Holy crap…that’s not good. Anyway, now I can really rag on him about being old. After our late lunch/early dinner, I dragged him with me to the mall and I ended buying a few things that I shouldn’t have. I should know better by now, right? Well, here I am showing you one of the lovely new babies I picked up today: Chanel Taboo.








Don’t you dare tell me that this isn’t a gorgeous polish because I just might have to stab you. I have to admit that I have been lusting over this polish since I first started seeing swatches online. Even though I have purchased more expensive polishes (I’m looking at you, Tom Ford!), I had been hesitating getting some Chanel polishes. Well, I am so glad that I did because this polish is pretty spectacular. The formula is crazy pigmented so you can get away with one coat if you apply it carefully. This polish is just beautiful, but I do have a couple of things to mention: the polish dried a little dull on me. I was not super shiny the way I had seen it described elsewhere but a coat of Seche fixed that right up. I also want to share that I was not that impressed with the Chanel brush. It’s so thin! For someone with large and wide nail beds, this is not the best kind of brush. In my opinion, OPI and Dior have the absolute best brushes out there.

So, today Daniel and I went to the infamous Boiling Crab where we gorged ourselves on boiled/seasoned shrimp and crawfish. Yes, this is the messiest meal on the planet, but it’s also soooooo good. I am a serious seafood lover so this is like my dream come true.




Just imagine what our hands looked like after this meal. Think about it real hard. hahaha After our meal, we wandered over to the mall where I proceeded to bore Daniel with the task of helping me pick out some nail polish. Yes, it was technically his birthday dinner and all, but nothing stands in the way of acquiring new polish babies. We played a bit with the NARS Pierre Hardy Duos at Sephora so he ended up picking the Ethno Run Duo for me.  So besides the Chanel splurge, I also got a NARS duo.




My polish weakness is shameful, but I will not let myself be defeated. I was recently mentioning on Twitter that I have once again outgrown my polish storage despite getting rid of close to half my stash earlier in the year. And this is despite me putting a lot of polishes up on my blog sale once I have swatched them.  Ridiculous, right? But I know some of you out there get me. Please tell me that you do!


Overall, I had a great time today: good food, great friend and awesome polishes. Who could ask for more? In case you are wondering, Chanel polishes retail for $27 each–steep, I know. How do you feel about paying so much for a luxury polish? I know we don’t necessarily like it, but how do you justify such purchases? What do you think of Chanel Taboo? Worth the price? Let me know…I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by today, and I will catch up with you later.