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Nails Inc. Baker Street

How do you feel about blue nail polish? As a nail polish enthusiast, I think that most nail polish colors seem normal, but I’ve noticed that other people think it’s an off color for nails. I think that nail art has become so mainstream, that nothing is really that shocking anymore. Nails Inc. Baker Street is a polish that I had salivated over for a while but somehow hadn’t gotten around to purchasing. If you read my blog, you probably know that Nails Inc. cremes are just about my favorite polishes in the nail world. Before I got my hands on this polish, I received a lovely dupe by Kiko which I reviewed here. Kiko #336 really is a perfect exact dupe, but I could not resist getting both of them. Is it a sickness? You be the judge.

Nails Inc. Baker Street Swatch          Nails Inc. Baker Street Swatch

Nails Inc. Baker Street is a such a lovely and saturated cobalt blue. This polish definitely needs two coats because the first coat was a little thin. I actually found that the Kiko applied slightly better. I still love both of them!

I haven’t used my beloved Sticks ‘n Stones in a while so I dusted it off for this manicure.

Nails Inc. Baker Street Swatch Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones Swatch          Nails Inc. Baker Street Swatch Cover Band Sticks 'n Stones Swatch

This was my first purchase from Ninja Polish and I couldn’t have been happier. Since I would never get the Dramarella version of this polish, I’m so happy that this came out. You can purchase it here if you’re interested. Also, in case you are wondering how Sticks ‘n Stones compares to Lynderella Connect The Dots and even Dollish Polish Putting On The Ritzzz, check out this post over at My Lucid Bubble.

So there you have it, my polish peeps. How do you feel about bold colors such as Baker Street?

Kiss My A’s With Sticks N’ Stones

When I ran into a nicely stocked Sation display, I knew I was in trouble. My usual Sation nail place is always out of the colors that I really want so I jumped all over this and grabbed way more than I should have:

Most of the polishes come from the Class Of Sation Collection which is freaking adorable. I love all the crazy names such as Jock Juggler, Class Flirt and Miss Emo Shun All.

Now I have another one to share with you: Kiss My A’s!

Sation calls this a vibrant watermelon shade but it looks a little more red/orange/coral to me. The more I look at it, the more I start to see the watermelon reference…although, if my watermelon was that color, I’d probably be afraid to eat it. lol Since this is a neon, it dries to a satin finish so you have to use a topcoat if you want a shiny finish. As usual, I used Seche Vite. If you don’t like VNL, you should use some white undies.

And for the final look, I layered a coat of Sticks N’ Stones over Kiss My A’s. I don’t know about you, but I lurve this! I am also super happy to get this version instead of giving any money to Miss Shady McShady (I think you know who I’m talking about!)

Today was a great nail mail day. I received my Cult Nails order that wasn’t scheduled for delivery until tomorrow so I was very happy.

Then I also received my latest Sephora order with my Illamasqua goodies and my VIB sample bag.

I accidentally bought 2 bottles of the yellow nails inc. so I’m putting one in my giveaway stash. 🙂

So what do you think about my combo of Kiss My A’s and Sticks N’ Stones? This polish came from my first Ninja Polish order and I am hooked. I also bought Humblebee which I will be trying soon. Currently I am waiting for Alexandrite to come back in stock…it literally sold out in hours. Ugh! I don’t know if the weather was more mild where you live, but it was actually bearable here today so I am definitely happy about that. Let’s hope that this becomes a cooling trend!

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