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Kiss My A’s With Sticks N’ Stones

When I ran into a nicely stocked Sation display, I knew I was in trouble. My usual Sation nail place is always out of the colors that I really want so I jumped all over this and grabbed way more than I should have:

Most of the polishes come from the Class Of Sation Collection which is freaking adorable. I love all the crazy names such as Jock Juggler, Class Flirt and Miss Emo Shun All.

Now I have another one to share with you: Kiss My A’s!

Sation calls this a vibrant watermelon shade but it looks a little more red/orange/coral to me. The more I look at it, the more I start to see the watermelon reference…although, if my watermelon was that color, I’d probably be afraid to eat it. lol Since this is a neon, it dries to a satin finish so you have to use a topcoat if you want a shiny finish. As usual, I used Seche Vite. If you don’t like VNL, you should use some white undies.

And for the final look, I layered a coat of Sticks N’ Stones over Kiss My A’s. I don’t know about you, but I lurve this! I am also super happy to get this version instead of giving any money to Miss Shady McShady (I think you know who I’m talking about!)

Today was a great nail mail day. I received my Cult Nails order that wasn’t scheduled for delivery until tomorrow so I was very happy.

Then I also received my latest Sephora order with my Illamasqua goodies and my VIB sample bag.

I accidentally bought 2 bottles of the yellow nails inc. so I’m putting one in my giveaway stash. 🙂

So what do you think about my combo of Kiss My A’s and Sticks N’ Stones? This polish came from my first Ninja Polish order and I am hooked. I also bought Humblebee which I will be trying soon. Currently I am waiting for Alexandrite to come back in stock…it literally sold out in hours. Ugh! I don’t know if the weather was more mild where you live, but it was actually bearable here today so I am definitely happy about that. Let’s hope that this becomes a cooling trend!

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