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Jindie Nails Chomp Chomp!

Here is the polish a few of you had inquired about: Chom Chomp! When I first visited Jen’s shop, this is one of the polishes that immediately caught my attention because of the bright colors. It’s just so in your face that I couldn’t help loving it. This polish is part of her Football Season collection so it is limited edition which means that if you want it, go get it now! I wasn’t sure what polish to wear under this glitter so I went with a soft white.


I really love the color of this polish but it is a freaking nightmare to apply. It’s streaky as hell and it took 4 coats to get it to look like this. I am guessing this is some kind of French Manicure type of polish because it’s just too much of a nightmare to be worn alone. I actually have worn this alone before and have gotten a lot of compliments.


How pretty is this polish? It drive me nuts to see all that mostly matte glitter…I love it!


This is one coat of Chomp Chomp! over Sephora by OPI Private Access. I did a little random dotting of glitter but not enough to call it a second coat. I am really loving this glitter and can’t wait to try it over a different base color. New items are being added all the time so go check out Jen’s shop here.

Are you ready for the long Labor Day weekend? I am not planning on doing anything because it’s so freaking hot that all I want to so is lay in front of my fan very scantily clad. These are the times I wish I lived alone! lol I might go to the beach but I’m sure it will be a parking nightmare so maybe I will brave the bus. Oh boy…I’m sure that will be a story. So please have fun and stay safe!