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Ooh La Lacquer Swatches – New Purchases

Ooh La Lacquer Swatches – New Purchases

How was your weekend? I had a nice weekend and now I’m ready for the coming week–can you believe we’re almost halfway through August? Craziness! This weekend I also filed down my nails into an almond shape which is still very short, but I hope I get some length going soon. I did get a bunch of new stuff in, so I did some swatching before the big chop. After my first Ooh La Lacquer purchase, I went out to buy a few more because they were so freaking gorgeous. I picked out a few shades that were different from anything that I currently have in my stash just for the sake of variety. I can tell you that I was just as pleased with the new shades I purchased so let me show you some swatches.

12Ooh La Lacquer Powder Pink Girl

34Ooh La Lacquer Zaylen

56Ooh La Lacquer Natural Mystic

78Ooh La Lacquer Indigo-go Dancer

Aren’t these seriously amazing? I love every single one of these shades, and I can tell you that the formula on all of them is superb. What else can I say about these? I love holos and these are great holos. If you’re interested in purchasing some of these beauties, you can check out their etsy shop here. So what is new with you? I hope all is well, and I will talk to you soon.