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Ooh La Lacquer – Giveaway

Ooh La Lacquer – Giveaway




Hey all! I hope you’re having a good Wednesday! Since I decided to take Monday off, I feel like my week has been thrown off so my brain isn’t understanding that we are pretty much halfway through the week. Did you do anything fun for Easter? I basically just hung out with the fam so it was nice. I was also kinda busy because I decided to do some Spring cleaning and that snowballed into my typical “THROW EVERYTHING OUT” episodes. I am the anti-hoarder to the point that I want to throw everything out when I start cleaning and organizing. Anyway, I digress. Today I wanted to show you two awesome polishes from Ooh La Lacquer and I also wanted to giveaway a bottle of one of my favorite holos from her line! Let me show you the polishes I recently received and then I will tell you which one is up for grabs.

Ooh La Lacquer Je Ne Sais Quoi 1

Ooh La Lacquer Je Ne Sais Quoi 2

Ooh La Lacquer Je Ne Sais Quoi (Indoor Lighting)

Ooh La Lacquer Je Ne Sais Quoi 3

Ooh La Lacquer Je Ne Sais Quoi 4

Ooh La Lacquer Je Ne Sais Quoi (LED Lighting)

Ooh La Lacquer Specktrum 1

Ooh La Lacquer Specktrum 2

Ooh La Lacquer Specktrum (Indoor Lighting)

Ooh La Lacquer Specktrum 3

Ooh La Lacquer Specktrum 4

Ooh La Lacquer Specktrum (LED Lighting)

Aren’t these pretty? I am very partial to Je Ne Sais Quoi because it’s so freaking delicate and almost dainty. Specktrum is also pretty and very versatile because it will look very different depending on what base polish you use. Nastassia sent me a bottle of one of my favorite holos not realizing that I had already purchased it a few months ago, so that turns into a win for one of you because I’ll be giving it away to one lucky reader. This giveaway will only last a few days so make sure to enter right away! This giveaway is only open to US residents. Please enter the giveaway by using the widget below. The polish I will be giving away is: Indigo-go Dancer.

Ooh La Lacquer Indigo-go Dancer

You can read my review for this polish here. Last week I bought a few holos from her shop so I hope to get them in soon so I can show you how awesome they are. See? I don’t just get stuff for review–I also buy!!! That’s when you know the stuff is gooooooood. I should also mention that there are some holos at unreal prices so make sure to check everything out–especially the newest spring collection! Check out the shop here.

Good luck if you decide to enter the giveaway! Thanks for stopping by and I will talk to you soon.

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Ooh La Lacquer Swatches – New Purchases

Ooh La Lacquer Swatches – New Purchases

How was your weekend? I had a nice weekend and now I’m ready for the coming week–can you believe we’re almost halfway through August? Craziness! This weekend I also filed down my nails into an almond shape which is still very short, but I hope I get some length going soon. I did get a bunch of new stuff in, so I did some swatching before the big chop. After my first Ooh La Lacquer purchase, I went out to buy a few more because they were so freaking gorgeous. I picked out a few shades that were different from anything that I currently have in my stash just for the sake of variety. I can tell you that I was just as pleased with the new shades I purchased so let me show you some swatches.

12Ooh La Lacquer Powder Pink Girl

34Ooh La Lacquer Zaylen

56Ooh La Lacquer Natural Mystic

78Ooh La Lacquer Indigo-go Dancer

Aren’t these seriously amazing? I love every single one of these shades, and I can tell you that the formula on all of them is superb. What else can I say about these? I love holos and these are great holos. If you’re interested in purchasing some of these beauties, you can check out their etsy shop here. So what is new with you? I hope all is well, and I will talk to you soon.

Stamping Saturdays #64

Stamping Saturdays #64

Have you ever had some really awesome ideas for nail art but the execution turns out to be more than problematic? I had that happen to me yesterday. Ultimately I blamed it on just being tired at the end of the week and decided to fall back on something simple and clean for my Stamping Saturdays mani. I decided to use one of the gorgeous holos that I recently purchased as my base color.

12This is Ooh La Lacquer Wine Thirty. What can I say about this polish besides professing my love for the color, formula and holo? It’s beeeeutiful! I am actually expecting 4 more of these pretties in the mail today if only USPS would hurry up!!!

34For my stamped design, I used MASH plate #40 for this swirly design. I feel that you can pretty much stamp anything over holo and it will look great. I wish I could have come up with something more creative, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

Do you have anything fun going on this weekend? I hope to get a lot of things done, but it’s hard when all you want to do is stay in bed all weekend binge watching stuff on Netflix. Ha! Anyway, I hope that you’re doing well, and I will talk to you soon!

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Ooh La Lacquer Swatches & Review

Ooh La Lacquer Swatches & Review




I have been making a huge effort to buy more indies this year because I love the idea of supporting small businesses and because they usually come out with the most creative polishes on the market. Don’t get me wrong: I still adore my mainstream brands for the quality, value and just the memories I have of using them when I was a kid and didn’t know much about polish. Have you been painting your nails since you were a kid? I remember that I used to save some of my lunch money in elementary/jr high so I could buy nail polish. Unfortunately, I did not know how to paint my nails. I clearly remember applying 4 coats of dark polish and then getting upset because it took forever to dry. I would get polish all over my skin and cuticles and would then rub it all off my skin the shower with a washcloth. C’mon–you know some of you did/do that! Anyway, let’s get back to the point of this post: indie polishes! A few weeks ago, I saw a post in one of the nail polish groups I am in about the holos over at Ooh La Lacquer. I don’t recall exactly what the post said but it had my two favorite words: holo and sale. When I headed over to etsy, I spent a good 30 minutes trying to figure out what I wanted. Since it was my first experience with the brand, I only bought 2 polishes which are the ones I have to show you today.

Ooh La Lacquer Emerald City 1Ooh La Lacquer Emerald City 2Ooh La Lacquer Emerald City

Ooh La Lacquer Wine Thirty 1Ooh La Lacquer Wine Thirty 2Ooh La Lacquer Wine Thirty

Holy mother of all things holy. These holos are magnificent! They are linear holos but it is more of a rough holo effect rather than the smooth linears such as the Halo Hues. Regardless, these colors are so freaking gorgeous that it physically and mentally pained me to remove them. Do you want to know what the best part was? The formula is absolutely decadent! It’s thick and loaded with pigment and holo so it applies easily and there is absolutely no drag to the formula. If you’re careful, you can almost get away with one thick coat, but I prefer two thin coats. As soon as I swatched these two, I jumped on my computer and bought 4 more. I clearly have issues, but I know most of you understand because you are reading a blog about nail polish after all. When I purchased these babies, they were going for $6 each but I was advised that the price would go back up to $10 soon. They are a steal at $6 and are totally worth it at full price as well so if you’re looking for some gorgeous holos, you now have another source. If you’re interested in checking out all of the other polishes from Nastassia’s etsy shop, click here. When the new polishes that I ordered arrive, I’ll swatch them for you–and I know they are going to be just as gorgeous. Let me know what you think of these beauties! Have you tried anything from Ooh La Lacquer before? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.