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Kiara Sky Hidden Garden Collection

Kiara Sky Hidden Garden Collection




How’s your Monday going? I hope all is well and that you’re having a good start to the week–and month! I have had a pretty busy start to this month so I am once again apologizing for my lack of posting. I am *almost* caught up with my swatch pile so it feels good to almost be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, I have a bunch of new stuff coming in so that swatch pile is about to grow…big time.  Lately I have been thinking about how in the world certain bloggers are able to do massive reviews every day for extended periods of time because I would go bonkers. Chapeau my dear blogger friends, chapeau! Today I have a new collection to share with you from a relatively new brand. The Kiara Sky Hidden Garden Collection is made up of 6 shades and 1 glitter topper so let me show you my swatches before I tell you what I think of this collection.

Kiara Sky Posh Escape 1Kiara Sky Posh Escape 2Kiara Sky Posh Escape

Kiara Sky Pink Petal 1Kiara Sky Pink Petal 2Kiara Sky Pink Petal

Kiara Sky Roses Are Red 1Kiara Sky Roses Are Red 2Kiara Sky Roses Are Red

Kiara Sky In Bloom 1Kiara Sky In Bloom 2Kiara Sky In Bloom

Kiara Sky I Like You A Lily 1Kiara Sky I Like You A Lily 2aKiara Sky I Like You A Lily

Kiara Sky Have A Grape Nite 1Kiara Sky Have A Grape Nite 2Kiara Sky Have A Grape Nite

Kiara Sky Masterpiece 1Kiara Sky Masterpiece 2Kiara Sky Masterpiece

First things first: these colors do not make a cohesive collection. They basically give me the impression that random colors from random seasons were lumped together and left me wondering what they were trying to go for. However, the individual polishes are nice…really nice. If you’ve never tried Kiara Sky before, I can tell you that the make the most amazing cremes: perfect consistency and opacity. 4 of the 7 polishes here are cremes so I was very pleased with all 4. There were 2 shimmers that also applied nicely, but Pink Petal is a little too frosty for my liking. The glitter is really nice–it will look great over many different colors but it has a pretty thick formula that dried way to quickly so you can’t overwork it or else you’ll have a gummy mess. Overall, I would have liked to see a collection of colors that made sense to me, but individually, I enjoyed these polishes. If you have a chance to try their polishes out, I think that you will not be disappointed.

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well. Currently I’m without my car (since last Thursday) because apparently my transmission is messed up. I took it to my local mechanic who didn’t even want to mess with it and told me to just take it to the dealership. Since I got my car about 2 years ago and it has such low mileage, the repair is covered under my warranty but I’m pissed. I mean, I’m glad it’s under warranty and all but not having a car sucks. This morning I’ll be taking the bus to work so I have to leave my house right before 7 am even though I don’t start work until almost 9 am. I swear public transportation in California is pitiful. Supposedly I’ll have my car by Tuesday at the earliest so I’m getting read for 2 days on the bus. I used to take the bus a lot when I was a kid and during my first semester in college because I didn’t have a car yet so I know how crazy the bus can be. I actually always end up meeting interesting characters on board so I may have some entertaining stories in the next couple of days. So wish me luck in getting my car back soon and that it doesn’t break down on me again because that would really suck. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!