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First Impressions: Nicole By OPI

I had been wondering how Nicole by OPI differed from the regular OPI line. I mean, they are basically the same price so I would imagine that the quality would be about the same, right?  I am pretty loyal to the brands I know produce quality lacquers such as OPI, China Glaze, Orly, Essie, Nubar and Color Club so I tend to stick to those brands and only occasionally spring for a more high-end polish; it just really has to wow me if I have to shell out more money. At $7-$8 a pop, Nicole by OPI is a bit pricey compared to what I pay for most polishes, but I saw a couple of shades on sale today at Target so I decided to try them out.


I really liked the colors. I can’t really speak for how long these polishes last since I only swatched them, but the formula was not difficult to work with. They both seemed a little thinner than I’m used to and one of the polishes had a crazy short and awkward brush. Green Up Your Act! required three coast for full opacity and It’s Not Me, It’s Blue needed four. Even with four coats, there was some visible nail line in the sunlight. I have read that these polishes chip like a mofo in a day or two so I’m curious to see what happens when I use these on a full manicure. Overall, I don’t regret purchasing these since I got them on sale for $3.52 each. I will definitely pick up some more colors if they are on sale. It will take a really amazing and unique color for me to pay full price for these polishes.

I still haven’t swatched the polishes I purchased yesterday, and I just got another set. I stopped by Ross to check if they had any Color Club sets and they did!!!! The sucky part is that none of these polishes have names on them, and I am not sure what collection this is…if any. Usually the names of the polishes are listed on the box, but nothing is listed on these. It almost seems like they threw a bunch of different colors in there. All I see is “All About Color” as a possible collection name but I can’t find anything about it online. For $7.99, I can overlook all this because there are some pretty colors in there for sure.  I’ll eventually swatch these as well.

How’s that for a polish frenzy?