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Essie Bridal Collection For 2013

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Wedding? Barf. I’ve got to admit that I am a sort of wedding hater. I mean, if a friend or loved one is getting married, of course I’m happy for them and I will happily go to their wedding celebration, but personally, I just think they are a big waste of time and money. Now, don’t get your bridal panties in a bunch if you disagree with me; this is just my personal opinion and I am not telling you that YOUR wedding is a waste of time/money. Just wanted to clear that up. If it were me, I would rather go on a crazy and amazing vacation or put that money towards buying a home or something more practical, but that’s just the part of me that hates planning parties and such. Anyway, this past weekend I went to a wedding and the bride looked gorgeous and I’m sure it was worth all the stress and money that they spent to get that day to be as perfect as possible. Since I was thinking about weddings, I decided to pick up the new Essie Bridal Collection for 2013 even though the colors aren’t exactly the kind that make my heart skip a beat. Before I show you some swatches, I couldn’t get this song out of my head while I swatched them:


I don’t know about you, but I think Muriel’s Wedding is one of the funniest and saddest movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a Toni Colette fan ever since this movie came out. I also couldn’t believe that Rachel Griffiths played Rhonda in this movie! Not only is the acting superb, but the ABBA music is killer. Yes, I am an ABBA-maniac.








No Baggage Please is the color that screams “bridal” to me the most. It’s such a light and delicate color with a beautiful faint shimmer that unfortunately was captured in my pictures. Being that it is such a light color, I did have to apply 4 coats for full coverage so be forewarned. The formula is definitely a little streaky, but it does build up nicely. I do like delicate colors such as this, but they definitely have a time and a place. This is not a color that I would ever swoon.








Next up is Meet Me At The Altar which is No Baggage Please’s flirtier cousin. This polish also has a faint shimmer that isn’t showing up in my pictures. The formula was also a bit streaky, but I got away with 3 coats on this one. For lilac lovers, I think this is a very conservative choice.








My Better Half screams bridesmaid to me. I’ve been seeing so many of these bright pink polishes lately, but I don’t really get tired of them. It has a glowing quality to it, and I’m glad to report that the formula as nice and pigmented so I only needed two coats.








Last but not least, here is Using My Maiden Name. I think that this one is my favorite of the bunch and not just because I am a purple fanatic. I just love the beautiful shimmer in this polish and the formula was really great.

What do you think about the Essie Bridal Collection For 2013? I like these colors and they certainly are wedding appropriate, but they aren’t all colors that I would say I’m excited about. Since I’m not anticipating getting much use out of these colors, I will be putting them up in my blog sale so check that out if you’re interested. Do you have a favorite from this collection? Thanks so much for visiting today and catching up with me. Talk to you soon!