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Wedding? Barf. I’ve got to admit that I am a sort of wedding hater. I mean, if a friend or loved one is getting married, of course I’m happy for them and I will happily go to their wedding celebration, but personally, I just think they are a big waste of time and money. Now, don’t get your bridal panties in a bunch if you disagree with me; this is just my personal opinion and I am not telling you that YOUR wedding is a waste of time/money. Just wanted to clear that up. If it were me, I would rather go on a crazy and amazing vacation or put that money towards buying a home or something more practical, but that’s just the part of me that hates planning parties and such. Anyway, this past weekend I went to a wedding and the bride looked gorgeous and I’m sure it was worth all the stress and money that they spent to get that day to be as perfect as possible. Since I was thinking about weddings, I decided to pick up the new Essie Bridal Collection for 2013 even though the colors aren’t exactly the kind that make my heart skip a beat. Before I show you some swatches, I couldn’t get this song out of my head while I swatched them:


I don’t know about you, but I think Muriel’s Wedding is one of the funniest and saddest movies I’ve ever seen. I’ve been a Toni Colette fan ever since this movie came out. I also couldn’t believe that Rachel Griffiths played Rhonda in this movie! Not only is the acting superb, but the ABBA music is killer. Yes, I am an ABBA-maniac.








No Baggage Please is the color that screams “bridal” to me the most. It’s such a light and delicate color with a beautiful faint shimmer that unfortunately was captured in my pictures. Being that it is such a light color, I did have to apply 4 coats for full coverage so be forewarned. The formula is definitely a little streaky, but it does build up nicely. I do like delicate colors such as this, but they definitely have a time and a place. This is not a color that I would ever swoon.








Next up is Meet Me At The Altar which is No Baggage Please’s flirtier cousin. This polish also has a faint shimmer that isn’t showing up in my pictures. The formula was also a bit streaky, but I got away with 3 coats on this one. For lilac lovers, I think this is a very conservative choice.








My Better Half screams bridesmaid to me. I’ve been seeing so many of these bright pink polishes lately, but I don’t really get tired of them. It has a glowing quality to it, and I’m glad to report that the formula as nice and pigmented so I only needed two coats.








Last but not least, here is Using My Maiden Name. I think that this one is my favorite of the bunch and not just because I am a purple fanatic. I just love the beautiful shimmer in this polish and the formula was really great.

What do you think about the Essie Bridal Collection For 2013? I like these colors and they certainly are wedding appropriate, but they aren’t all colors that I would say I’m excited about. Since I’m not anticipating getting much use out of these colors, I will be putting them up in my blog sale so check that out if you’re interested. Do you have a favorite from this collection? Thanks so much for visiting today and catching up with me. Talk to you soon!


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  1. Totally agree about the wedding opinion. I got married just over a year ago and tried to do it as cheaply BUT cheerfully as possible lol. 😀 I DO hope you’re not jaded though Cynthia lol ;P

    1. Jaded could be my middle name. LOL I actually just think it’s so much work and so much stress that I would probably not even enjoy it all in the end. But that’s just me…I know some women dream about their wedding since infancy–that’s totally not me. lol

      1. Zactly, me either, I was never into the whole Cinders thing. lol. I knew I liked you for more than your blog 😀 haha

        1. I actually made my older sister cry on her wedding day because I was a bridesmaid but wouldn’t take my Doc Martin boots off under my dres LMFAO. (I was 14 at the time btw)

  2. I agree about weddings. I did have a wedding, but it was very casual and inexpensive. We spent our $ on the honeymoon. 🙂

  3. I LOVE Muriels Wedding. These are pretty but I have some similar colors. But that purple is gorgeous. I’m not a wedding fan either. Personal I don’t even like going to them. They are long and tedious and never start on time. LOL But for friends and family I make an exception. I plan on just running to the JP and getting it done at lunch. :O)

    1. hahahaha…never start on time! So true! Some people just really need weddings and that’s a personal choice. I hate planning things, and I can’t even imagine the amount of planning that goes into a wedding. My head would spin.

  4. i agree with you 100% and then some! big ol’ weddings are fine if that’s what someone wants to do, but if i’m going to drop $100k on something, i’d much rather it be a house (or at least a hefty down payment on one). or whatever amount i’d spend on the pomp and circumstance, i’d rather spend on a big post-marriage party or something.

    and luckily my gf agrees — we’re happily having a courthouse marriage this november, and not b/c we can’t have a “real” wedding. no matter the political climate, we’d be going in front of a judge rather than down an aisle lol.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. lol I know opinions like this can really “offend” people. I think that whatever people want to do is their deal…I just can’t even imagine spending that much money on ONE DAY, you know? It’s like those people with kids who can’t understand why I don’t want kids…but that’s just a whole other can of worms. haha Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

  5. …but these polishes are gorgeous! will definitely be adding using my maiden name to my collection.

  6. Ok, isn’t Barf the name of the dog/wookiewannabe played by John Candy in Spaceballs? Because that’s the first thing that popped into my head, movie clips an all. And OMG the faces in that wedding crowd are priceless! I can’t believe I’ve never seen this movie.

    Now, the polishes… I’m almost always bored to death by Essie bridal collections. However, I like Maiden Name. But that may be due to the dupe factor of this color… Hello NOPI and Sinful Colors. I have two bottles of this shade already. :/
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    1. You must watch Muriel’s Wedding. It’s such a great movie: funny and so sad at the same time. That scene is so hilarious because of the crowd and the groom and Muriel is just so oblivious. lol

      About UMMN, yep…so dupeable. I always get roped in just because something is new. lol I can’t help myself.

  7. It’s rare that I’d want a whole collection of anything, but I want every single color from this one. LOVE!

    1. Yay! Glad you liked them. I like small collections like this because then I don’t feel so guilty when I get the whole thing. lol

    1. I think that they are super close. Preamp might be a little darker and the shimmer is more intense. I think the shimmer in MBH looks super fine and the one in Preamp is bigger and more golden. Still, pretty darn close.

  8. I love Using My Maiden Name, but I know from past dupe experience I never end up liking it on me. Sigh.

    My parents paid for my wedding. We went to ask them for their backyard for a BBQ and my dad was like, Oh no, that is not how my little girl is going to be married! Anyway, I loved my wedding. I still hate when I have to go to anyone else’s though (3 this year and only one could be fun, ugh).

    1. That’s so sweet that your dad was able to do that for you–I’m sure he was more than happy to do it. 🙂 I pretty much avoid weddings and will only go if it’s for people I really care about. Otherwise, I’m going to skip it.

    1. I was thinking the same thing! I used to have SPP so I can’t do a side by side swatch but I think the are very similar…maybe just a shade off.

  9. I feel the same way as you do about Weddings. I’m all for marriage and want to be married one day, but I don’t want to spend my money (or anyone else’s) on a wedding. Just give me an awesome dress and my groom and I’ll be happy 🙂
    As for this collection, I’m not a fan of most pinks unless they are really bright and vibrant so I’m not really digging this collection. Although I do love me some purple so I like Using My Maiden Name.
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    1. These are definitely wedding colors…and totally not up my alley for every day wear (except the purple like you). I think I liked last year’s collection better because it had blue/green in it. lol And as far as the wedding, I’d be happy with some good food. Forget the dress. lol

  10. Gorgeous swatches! As far as weddings go, I would love to have one but nothing fancy. As you said, I would rather have an amazing vacation rather than dying of so much stress from planning 🙂 I still got time to worry about those things 😉
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    1. Thank you, Carol! I think some people were born dreaming about weddings. I’ve seen some gorgeous weddings but I also saw the months of planning and stress and arguments and even some bridezillas…no thank you. lol

  11. I hear you about weddings! Mine was in November of last year and I tried to make it affordable but classy at the same time and honestly, I secretly hated it. Using My Maiden Name is right up my alley though! I’m not too crazy about the rest of the collection though 🙁 Fan-tab-ulous swatches!

    1. I’m sorry you were happy with your wedding. I’m sure that affordable and classy is really hard to pull off just because everything is some incredibly pricey when a wedding is involved. I think UMMN is the unanimous winner of this collection.

      1. Oh no, it was pretty nice. I was more unhappy with the people. We had people promise and say they were going to come and didn’t show up and didn’t even bother calling or telling me why. It was more of a people mess then anything else. I could go on a total rant out it but I’ll spare you and everyone else haha

  12. These colors don’t exactly set my heart afire either but I do like that last purple! That’s pretty!! It’s funny you say that about weddings because for me they can either be awesome (party hardy, drink, dance, good times) or just absolutely stuffy and like “just shoot me” painful. I can’t write a post about weddings without offending people (if I’m being honest) cuz I’m not even that sorry to say- brides are so often just absolutely self-centered and crazy!!! I swear to God some of these women have had even minute detail of their wedding planned out in their head ever since they got their damn period, and then have like a white knuckle death grip holding on to all those little details that are ridiculously expensive, inconsiderate of their guests and/or bridal party or just ridiculous. I can’t take it. When I had our wedding, I didn’t have any expectations going into it at all. It was all about what we could afford, what would work for our families and how we could have the absolute biggest party afterward. Ugh shame on you for getting me started. :p
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    1. Hahahaha…you’re very passionate about weddings too. lol I am just not that big of a fan of weddings at all precisely for the reasons you have listed up above. I just don’t get bridezillas and whenever I watch those shows about finding the dress or whatever it’s called, most of the time I just want to barf on their faces–multiple times. Oh well. Too each their own. As for these polishes, I like the two darker ones better…the two lighter shades are so meh.
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  13. I do not want a big wedding at all. I want an awesome honeymoon (within reason)…that’s what I’ve always “dreamed” about when it comes to a wedding…but that’s about it. Sure, I want a dress (but not a gown), my three closest girlfriends as bridemaids, and a nice party with my friends. That’s about it.
    These colors are OK for a bridal collection. At least they’re a little bit “punchier” than some collections, but they’re still kinda just OK overall.

      1. Meaning, don’t spend a ton of money on the honeymoon, either, but put enough toward it that it’s a nice vacation for my currently non-existent groom and I. 😉

  14. I agree with you whole heartedly!!!! Don and I got married 9 years ago at the Justice of Peace in TX where we were living. He was in the Army so it was hard for us to have a wedding with our whole family involved. For our 5th wedding anniversary because our family got Their panties in a bunch, we hosted a about 50 invitee’s basically wedding. It’s so much hassle, so much money. We tried to be save as much money as possible, and yes it was a nice day, but really the dress, the tuxes alone, we will never wear that again. The food is overpriced. The venues are overpriced. It’s just a big hoax. I am not saying that it’s not a special day, it is, but the people that spend a lot like 20+ grand are just out of their minds!!! When you are right, go on a trip, invest, etc. Just Insanity. Okay, End rant. 🙂
    I am really in love with these colors by the way I love how the blueish purple has that shimmer to it. and of course I love my pinks so the other two are gorgeous too!!!

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