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The Lacquer Ring – Cobalt

The Lacquer Ring – Cobalt

I am sooooooo glad that it’s Friday. This week has felt really long so I’m looking forward to being lazy all weekend. I feel like I say that every Friday and then I end up feeling guilty when I do spend some totally lazy time. Major props to moms out there who NEVER get a day off–I don’t know how you do it. I had some drama with this post because I accidentally completely deleted it off my drafts and then it wasn’t in my deleted items either so it fell into the blog Bermuda Triangle. It seems pretty par for the course for me as of late, but I’m still pretty darn happy even if I have been kind of emotional lately. I could blame PMS, but I think I’m just weird overall. Today, The Lacquer Ring is featuring Cobalt. Can we all scream every time we see or hear the word cobalt they way they did in Peewee’s Playhouse? How rando was that show? I tried watching it with my brother a bit ago and it almost seemed creepy. Maybe it was the whole masturbating in public thing….Anyway, let me show you the polish I used.

Inglot 992 1Inglot 992 2This is Inglot 992 which I haven’t worn in a really long time. Initially it looked cobalt to me, but it’s actually more of a blurple. This polish has a beautiful purple sheen in the bottle that pretty much disappears on the nail. Still, I think it’s lose enough to cobalt where I don’t feel too bad for messing up.

Shimmer Liana 1Shimmer Liana 2Since I wanted to keep things simple, I just applied a coat of Shimmer Liana (press sample) over my base color to jazz it up. I really love all of the Shimmer Polish glitters that I have ever used because they are so pretty and interesting. I can always count on them to bling out my manicures.

So what do you think? Is cobalt a color that you like to wear on your nails? What is your favorite cobalt polish? To be honest, I think mine is Nails Inc. Baker Street which I probably should have used today but I’ve used it so many times that I just wanted to mix it up a little. Anywho, don’t forget to check out the other cobalt manis below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and don’t forget to joins us tomorrow for Stamping Saturdays. Talk to you soon!


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Shimmer Polish Part 3

Shimmer Polish Part 3

Press Sample



Heeeeey! It’s Thursday! Are you excited? I would be if I had a normal Monday-Friday job but I’ll be excited for you, ok? Well, I just got home from an interview. It was with an agency so I wasn’t expecting much because you know how most temp agencies operate. To be honest, this place did seem different but I was impressed because the recruiter was running late and made me wait 30 minutes while she finished up another interview. Then when she got me in there, I realized she had given me the wrong information for the job she was calling me about. She told me the company was located in one city but it ended up being another city that is a bit further away. I am kind of irritated at this point and the interview–if you can call it that–was just kind of lame. I’m not sure if I really want to work with them further, but I’m going to give them a chance because the company she wants to send my resume to sounds interesting and kind of promising. We shall see. I have another interview tomorrow (not an agency!) which I’m looking forward to. At least things are moving, right? And to cap off the day, I have lots of glitter babies to brighten my evening with their shiny and sparkly goodness. Let’s look at my third and final installment of Shimmer Polish swatches!










Shimmer Polish Liana (Finger Paints Go Van Gogh!)










Shimmer Polish Nichole (Finger Paints Tiffany Impostor)










Shimmer Polish Mary (Finger Paints Free Form Fawn)











Shimmer Polish Eva (Finger Paints If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Fix It!)


So what do you think about these glitters? I absolutely adore every single polish that I have tried–Cindy is a true glitter master! Make sure that you check out my other Shimmer Polish reviews: Part 1 and Part 2.  Despite being massive glitter bombs, these polishes are easy to work with so I couldn’t be happier with them.


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