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Guess what? I am a total mess because I just finished watching the series finale of The Office. I nearly had a heart attack when Michael showed up an uttered his signature line, “That’s what she said.” I seriously lost it at that point because he uttered it with so much emotion that I felt it touch me. Isn’t it funny how a television show can become a part of your life to the point where you feel like you almost know the characters and you look forward to catching up with them every week? Ok, I don’t want to sound like a total weirdo, but I know there are tons of The Office fans out there so you know how I feel. I felt this was a perfect way to end the show–I’m just say it’s the end of it. (I know Lesley and Amanda are shedding a tear with me right now!) So anyway, as I watched the last episode of The Office I had a bunch of polish out trying to decide what to swatch next so I decided to try some new pretties from Shimmer Polish. Those of you who have known me since the beginning of my blogging days–as if it were that long–know that I was a serious glitter hater. I used to cringe at the idea of wearing glitter polishes and a few people always teased me for it. (I’m looking at you, Nicole!) Then one day, it’s like something in my brain just clicked and I saw the error of my ways. All of a sudden, the more glittery and shiny something was, the more I loved it. Yes, ladies, I am reformed glitter hater.

I had seen so many lovely swatches of Shimmer Polishes all over the place so I am super excited to be sharing these with you today. I don’t normally like to wear glitterbombs on their own so I decided to layer these over a colored base. The formula on all of these polishes can be summed up in one word: delicious.  The glitter applies very smoothly and is plentiful; one coat gives you beautiful coverage over a colored base. If you want to wear these sparklers on their own, I do recommend applying one thin coat and then dabbing on a second coat to get even and full coverage. Let me show you these sparkling gems before I talk your ear off.








Shimmer Polish Valerie (Sation Heather)








 Shimmer Polish Sarah (Sation RV There Yet?)








Shimmer Polish Kim (Sation Board Girl Blue)








 Shimmer Polish Alice (Sation Strumming My Nails)

Aren’t these gorgeous combinations? It pained me to remove them as I moved from swatch to swatch because they were all just so glittery and decadent. What is your preferred method for wearing glitterbombs? Do you layer them on top of colored bases like I did or do you just jump in full force and wear them alone? Do you have a favorite Shimmer Polish? Let me know!

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I’ll be posting a couple more installments of these Shimmer Polishes in the coming weeks so I hope you enjoy the glitter overload. Thanks so much for stopping by today and have a great weekend!


35 thoughts on “Shimmer Polish Part 1

  1. I love me some glitter! I have a few shimmers and I love them. I like a colored base but put at least two coats of glitter on top 😉
    I know it’s controversial, but I wear Elmer’s under my glitters if I’m between days of hair washing and/or swimming. It changed my life. I also just got Nail Pattern Boldness Peel Off Basecoat (have yet to try) and Picture Polish Revolution for the best of both worlds: wear and easy removal.

    1. I debated about adding two coats of glitter but I kind of like a more delicate look…as delicate as a glitterbomb can look. lol They’re just so shiny and sparkly even with one coat! Crazyness. You know, I have tried the glue thing and it didn’t work for me just because when I tried to remove it, it peeled some of my nail off!! What in the world?! If I wear glitters on their own (not often), I will always double up on basecoat and removal isn’t too painful. I’ve been wondering about those special basecoats but I haven’t bought any yet–let me know how they work out for you.

  2. Oh nooooo, spoilers 🙁 I’ve been trying so hard to avoid anything Office related on the internet until I could watch the episode tonight, but the first few sentences of your post showed up in my blogger feed. :/ Le sigh.

      1. It’s my own damn fault for even being online…when will I learnnnnnnn. At least the polish was pretty. ‘Alice’ reminds me of OPI ‘Which is Witch’.

        1. That happened to me last week when a bunch of people were tweeting about Scandal. LOL Since I go to bed so early, I always watch show the next day so people always ruin it for me. I never learn either!

    1. Oh, does that glitter a peel not last very long? I don’t mind glitter removal as much because I tend to use pure acetone but lately my skin has been beyond dry because of that.

      1. It just doesn’t last as long as a glitter manicure without it. The first time, I didn’t wait very long between coats and my mani was coming off within 6 hours! The second time I waited longer, and it lasted about a day and a half.
        Jessica Dymphna-Rose recently posted..Fashion FridayMy Profile

  3. It’s funny that you went from a glitter hater to a lover and I did the opposite, now I can barely stand the stuff! These are pretty though and you did a great job pairing them with good colors.

    Now, I cried like a baby watching the finale. Hardcore. I can’t believe it’s over. :'(

    1. Yeah, what happened with that?? How did we do a full on switch? I guess it’s the universe’s way of keeping the glitter balance?

      Eeeeek…I’m so sad it’s over but it had such a great send off. I nearly shit myself when Michael showed up—they really had me thinking he wouldn’t be in the finale.

  4. I know EXACTLY what you mean about becoming emotionally attached to a show. I never got into The Office BUT I was obsessed with Ghost Whisperer and hated the end of that series. I want to know what’s going on with the characters’ lives still!! Gorgeous Shimmer swatches, her polishes never disappoint!

    1. I am super happy with them and this is my first experience with the brand–just perfect. I never watched the Ghost Whisperer but so many people have told me it was great. I think I might start watching it here and there on reruns. That’s how I got all obsessed with Criminal Minds.

  5. Oooh I think Sarah is the winner. You did a really good job of showcasing each glitter w a matching polish. And I LOVE hearing that the formula is great! There’s nothing I hate worse than a glitter that won’t come out of the bottle or that’s so goopy that you can’t even put it on your nails without 8,000 bubbles. Oh and I don’t watch the office. 🙁 Yay for your glitter reformation! I knew you’d come around. 😉
    Nicole recently posted..Quirky Cool Nail Art Using Zoya Stunning and Irresistible PolishesMy Profile

    1. For real! I was so happy with how easy they were to apply, and I didn’t have to struggle at all with the formula. I am thinking that I should take a bottle macro shot for my next post just because the glitters can look a lot different depending on what you wear underneath. Ugh…those bubbles are the worst. I can’t believe you never got into The Office. Boo to you. I think you would really like it!

  6. I’m still feeling like separation anxiety over The Office. I was dreading the last episode and was such a mess. My boyfriend even taped me bawling. Other than being so emotional over it, I’m happy that they were able to properly end the show with closure rather than disappearing with no real ending like so many other shows. I can’t even think about it yet, I’m such a mess about it that it’s kind of stupid but not really….Office fans will understand.
    Anyways, the shimmer polishes are super gorgeous especially Alice. I’m still too distracted by the thought of the office to put anymore thought into this comment lol 🙁
    Frosso recently posted..Pomegranate Lacquer Enchanted LagoonMy Profile

    1. I know….I’m still not over it almost a week later and I think I am going to be looking for the show on Thursday and it’s going to be a real womp womp moment when it’s not on. True The Office fans are seriously sad but I am glad that it ended so well. It would be worse if it had ended all lame. I just felt that they did such a good job wrapping everything up–especially with Pam and Jim. She was seriously getting on my nerves.

      And yes, Alice….gorgeous!

  7. OMG, that part of The Office was the best part. I was crying from like a really emotional place when that happened…I don’t know how to explain it. I was sad to see it end because I love it so much, but they did a good enough job that I am satisfied with the how it all played out and can accept it.
    Playing with new “delicious” and “plentiful” glitter babies is an excellent choice for consoling yourself!
    Now I have a Reel Big Fish song, Valerie, in my head. I’m digging your last combination!

    1. I do feel good about how they ended everything because if it had been a crappy finale, I would have been so heartbroken about all the years of great episodes. I’ll be watching that show on reruns for years to come.

      I think everyone liked Valerie the best!

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