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Color Club Kaleidoscope Collection For Summer 2013

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Happy Thursday, everyone! Normally I’d be super excited that the weekend is almost here but weekends don’t mean much to me since I have to work. And to add insult to injury, I get the privilege of working on Memorial day. Woopdee-doo! Today I had a pretty normal (meaning not horrible) day at work mostly because I was carrying on a scandalous email exchange with a few ladies. I swear to God that the universe will implode if and when we all get to hang out together! After work, I went to look for the missing polishes from the Kaleidoscope collection. I received Evolution and Pearl-Spective for review from Color Club but since I’m so anal, I had to try to hunt down the other 4 polishes. Sadly, I am missing one from the collection and none of the 3 places I went to had it. So, I have 5 of the 6 polishes to share with you today from the Color Club Kaleidoscope Collection for Summer 2013.








Ok, so Endless is kind of a boring color for a Summer collection, don’t you think? Don’t get me wrong, I love pink but this color does not make me think of hot Summer beach days one bit. This baby pink also has a streak-a-riffic formula. It was so streaky and patchy that I had to apply 3 thick coats and the end result still wasn’t smooth despite a thick coat of Seche Vite at the end. The color is pretty and delicate, but the formula leaves a lot to be desired.








I felt like I had the sky on my nails when I wore Evolution. It’s such a beautiful sky blue–just right up my alley! I tried to apply this polish yesterday while I was still half blind from having my eyes dilated so the end result was kind of atrocious. The formula seemed really terrible and streaky so I added a couple of drops of thinner today to see if that would help it and it certainly did. While it was still a little thin, I only had to apply 2 coats here and it leveled out rather nicely.








Another gorgeous and pigmented blue to add to all the blues that have come out this year: Bright Night. Ok, I may be a tard, but I actually bought this like a month or two ago and ended up sending it to my friend Lesley–I didn’t even know that it was from an upcoming collection. hahahahaha! Anyway, this blue is very pretty and doesn’t stain at all which is a miracle considering how pigmented it is. It dries to a satin finish but I ended up applying a coat of Seche Vite since I like my manis shiny. The formula appears to be a little thin at first, but it covers well with two medium coats.








Here we have Bright Night with a coat of Pearl-Spective which is one of those flaky glitter polishes that flash all sorts of colors depending on the angle. I mostly see a pink/magenta/purple shift which is really pretty, but I unfortunately was not able to capture it too well here in my pictures.








And here we have my favorite color from this collection: Abyss. Ahhhh….it’s so pretty and aquatic! The formula on this is pretty darn pigmented so I only needed 2 thickish coats. However, something weird happened when I top coated it with Seche Vite: it got all streaky and wrinkled so I had to top coat it with something else and that agreed more with this polish. This is the second time I get some weird Seche Vite reaction so I’m pretty lost as to why this would happen with just one polish from the bunch. Oh well!








To finish up my swatches, here is Abyss with a coat of Pearl-Spective. Pretty, eh?


I mentioned that I am missing one polish from this collection which is In Theory: an orange/coral shade that I would have liked to try out. Sometimes, it’s just not meant to be so I will shed a tear for this elusive shade. One day we may meet, my pretty–one day! Overall, these colors are nice but they definitely don’t scream summer to me. Those two pastel colors seemed sorely out of place in a Summer collection. As you already know, I’m in love with Abyss and Pearl-Spective is a fun way to spruce up a mani.

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So, if you’re in ‘Merica, do you have any plans for Memorial Day weekend? Normally I do have plans but not this year since I’m forced to work. Oh well. At least I have a job, right? Thanks so much for stopping by today and let me know what you think of this collection. Talk to you later.