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Color Club Cloud Nine

Color Club Cloud Nine




I feel so very bad about my lack of posting lately. I’ve been feeling dumpy so my energy level has been at -10 so I haven’t even had the desire to sit down and write up a post.  I had hoped that by this time I would feel better with all my new meds and all, but I’m still just feeling so lethargic. Since I didn’t have to work yesterday, I spent the day with Peanut and he wore me out! He doesn’t even walk yet, but he goes bonkers with the crawling so I spent all morning chasing him around and keeping him out of mischief. Today’s polish is one that I can’t believe I hadn’t picked up yet: Color Club Cloud Nine.

Color Club Cloud Nine 1Color Club Cloud Nine is a beautiful addition to the Halo Hues Collections that basically blew everyone away. This polish may not look that awesome in indoor lighting, but look what happens to it in the sun or more direct lighting:

Color Club Cloud Nine 2Color Club Cloud Nine 3Bam! Look at the rainbow! Not only is this polish gorgeous, but the formula is also absolutely perfect. Please come out with another holo collection, Color Club!!! I will buy every single one!

I really hope that I start feeling better soon because I just miss being excited about blogging. I wish I had some energy to just feel good swatching and talking polish with you guys. I am trying to stay more active on Facebook because I love talking with all you guys. I am also going to start being a lot more active on Instagram now that I got my brand new phone which I am totally loving. Follow me on Instagram for nail stuff, Peanut updates and just general shenanigans. Here is a video of Peanut for your viewing pleasure:


Isn’t he so precious? I took him to IHOP where he proceeded to eat half of my scrambled eggs and half a pancake. I love this little guy so much and he is such a good boy. In the video he was clapping because the staff had just finished singing happy birthday to another patron.

I also wanted to remind you about my blog sale. I’ve added tons of new items and I also brought back the grab bags.

I am selling grab bags for $25 shipped which will consist of:

  • 2 full size indie polishes
  • 4 full size salon brand polishes
  • 1 drugstore polish
  • 1 mini indie polish

Pretty good deal, I think. So please take a look if you’re interested by checking out my blog sale page here. I hope that I’ll start posting more regularly next month so thank you for continuing to visit despite my sporadic posting. Thank you stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.