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China Glaze Magnetix – Preliminary Swatches

Before I post the swatches, here are a few observations:

I find that these polishes are trickier to use than the nails inc magnetic polishes. The magnets seem to be weaker on these so I had to leave them on longer which sometimes cause my hand to move more and I accidentally touched the magnet to the wet polish and ruined the design. It’s best to work on a flat surface and maintain a steady hand.

Do not use more than one coat of polish if you want a really crisp design. I used one thin coat and one thickish coat for these swatches and I don’t think they all came out as crisp. Later, I tried one thick coat and the design came out much better. Unfortunately, my camera died by the time I started experimenting more.

Because the magnet is not that strong, I had to hold it close to the nail longer than the recommended 5-10 seconds. I got some bubbling where the magnet pulled up some of the polish and made little peaks in the polish. This happened a lot more with the nails inc polish/magnet because the magnet seemed a lot stronger.

I will post better swatches once I do a full manicure with these. So far I like them but I know I have to play around with them a little more to find the best way to apply them.

What are your impressions?