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China Glaze Magnetix – Preliminary Swatches

Before I post the swatches, here are a few observations:

I find that these polishes are trickier to use than the nails inc magnetic polishes. The magnets seem to be weaker on these so I had to leave them on longer which sometimes cause my hand to move more and I accidentally touched the magnet to the wet polish and ruined the design. It’s best to work on a flat surface and maintain a steady hand.

Do not use more than one coat of polish if you want a really crisp design. I used one thin coat and one thickish coat for these swatches and I don’t think they all came out as crisp. Later, I tried one thick coat and the design came out much better. Unfortunately, my camera died by the time I started experimenting more.

Because the magnet is not that strong, I had to hold it close to the nail longer than the recommended 5-10 seconds. I got some bubbling where the magnet pulled up some of the polish and made little peaks in the polish. This happened a lot more with the nails inc polish/magnet because the magnet seemed a lot stronger.

I will post better swatches once I do a full manicure with these. So far I like them but I know I have to play around with them a little more to find the best way to apply them.

What are your impressions?

China Glaze Magnetix Collection – The Rundown

Yes, I got them. Sadly, I am missing one. I looked through the display and I only saw 5 different colors and grabbed one of each and now that I got home I noticed that I am missing the dark silver one. Poo. 🙁 I can always get it some other time.

If you have ever used the nails inc magnetic polishes, these are pretty much the same. You have to buy the magnet separately but the magnet comes with 3 designs.

The actual directions are very simple so I don’t see people having any problems applying the polishes or using the magnets.

It has been raining on and off here most of the morning so I don’t have the best light for swatching. Who am I kidding? I can’t help myself. I’m going to start swatching these and will post some pictures. Check back soon! 🙂

Countdown To The China Glaze Magnetix Collection

I am dying to get my hands on this collection. I am counting down the weeks. My nail supply store usually gets things 3 weeks before the general release date so I’m going to start stalking them next week. Since they sell regular China Glaze at a deep discount, I wonder how much they will sell these magnetic polishes for.

Feast your eyes on this:



Are you excited about this collection as well?