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Barielle – First Impressions

Barielle is not a brand that I’ve ever had easy access to so it’s not a big surprise that I hadn’t used any of their products yet. When I stopped at TJ Maxx the other day to scope out their cosmetics section hoping to find some Deborah Lippmanns (is this just an urban legend??), I was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of Barielle sets so I didn’t hesitate a second and bought one. Out of all the sets I saw, these dark vampy colors seemed the most interesting especially because I spotted a few cremes in the set and we all know how I feel about cremes.











I really do like these colors especially Hidden Hideaway and Mystery Woman because of that beautiful lit-from-within shimmer. I think that Remember Me and Friday Nite Parti are way too similar to be together in a set, but both colors are nice. Remember Me was probably the only one I didn’t appreciate as far as the formula is concerned. It seemed really sheer despite how dark the color is. You can see in my pictures that it looks somewhat streaky and uneven which I did not notice until I uploaded the pictures.  In case you’re interested, I got this set for $9.99 so check out your TJ Maxx. They had tons of these and other sets. I know stock varies from store to store but I think these are worth a look.

And for my food chronicles, today I decided to make some chicken strips and Rice-a-Roni. I had seriously been craving potato salad, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time to make such a small amount so I bought a little side container of it from Sprouts. I love Sprouts!

I’m getting really pumped for some interviews next week so I have to do some boring nail look…can’t go in there with some sparkly stamped up nails…or maybe I can! I am happy to report that I have seen some slight nail growth and that makes me really happy. I ordered the latest MASH plates today because I found a 20% off code online which made them around $11 and they ship for free! I hope that by the time they get here, my nails won’t be so crazy short anymore so I can really try out my new plates!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and thanks for the visit.