Stamping Saturdays – Marc Jacobs Cora

You know how every Friday you tell yourself how you’re going to wake up early on Saturday and get done all the stuff on your to do list? But then you end up doing nothing? Well, I accomplished the waking up early part, but I stayed in bed all morning watching youtube videos (damn you Jeffree Star!) and old Mexican soap operas from the 90’s–hello Marimar and Maria la del Barrio. I wish I had been more productive, but at least I managed to get a mani done for today’s Stamping Saturdays. You will have to excuse my sad nub nails–I cut them way down after the unfortunate breaks last week.

Marc Jacobs Cora 1

Marc Jacobs Cora 2

I started with two coats of Marc Jacobs Cora. I bought this polish like a billion years ago and was planning to return it because the brush was super wonky. When you pay Marc Jacobs prices, you don’t want to deal with a crappy brush. Well, I ended up forgetting and now I just told myself it was too late to return it. Despite the brush, I think this is a nice polish. It looked much more interesting in the bottle, but I don’t think it’s like OMGILOVEIT pretty.


Marc Jacobs Cora 3

Marc Jacobs Cora 4

Because of the shimmer in it, I decided to apply a matte top coat. I used my favorite OPI matte top coat, but I think it has seen better days. It’s starting to get super goopy and it started to leave white flecks on my polish. Fortunately I managed to remove the white fleck before they completely dried.


Marc Jacobs Cora 5

Marc Jacobs Cora 6

And lastly for my stamping, I used Essie Good As Gold and an image from Born Pretty Plate BP-L004. Overall, I am happy with the way this mani turned out.

Well, what have you been up to this lovely Saturday? Since I’ve been so lazy today, I am going to have a shit ton of stuff to do tomorrow. Hopefully the stores and stuff will be empty because of the superbowl so I can get my errands done. Well, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.


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22 thoughts on “Stamping Saturdays – Marc Jacobs Cora

  1. Your nails look really good when they are short & square. You have long nail beds-really makes short nails look elegant.

    1. Thank you! I always go back and forth on short nails. I think they look best when I wear vampy colors. I do miss a little length but they are so comfortable to wear at this length.

  2. I like that you used the matte top coat, it allows the gold stamping to stand out.
    Nice work as usual.
    And “YAY!!” to lazy Saturdays. ?

  3. This is super pretty, I love the combo.

    Also, I literally never tell myself that about Saturday mornings. It’s more like trying to see how long I can sleep in.

  4. I didn’t even know that marc Jacobs made polish, too bad about the brush though. I’ve heard before about matte tc doing that. I wonder what causes it. The finished mani is very pretty! The gold compliments the base nicely.

    1. I haven’t been terribly impressed by MJ polishes only because the colors aren’t that unique and I kind of hate the bottle. I think that matte top coats start to break down after a while and clump up which is where those white flecks come from. I hate getting them so I guess it’s time for a new bottle!

  5. Your nails look amazing!! Why do short, square nails look so good in dark colors?

    Loving it!

    And let yourself enjoy your Saturdays! My evil YouTube time suckers are: Patrick Starr, Nikki Tutorials and I really like Amy Lynn Thompson (aka – amylynnbuttchin).

    Elizabeth recently posted..OPI – Hello Kitty!!My Profile

    1. I love Patrick Starrr and Nikki Tutorials too–she’s the reason why now use Nivea After Shave Balm as a primer. lol I also like Tati because of her WTF videos and how she does a lot of high end reviews AND drugstore. I could watch youtube all day!!

  6. Your nails look really pretty!! More importantly though, how do you watch Marimar and Maria la del Barrio?! I want to know!! 🙂

  7. I never feel bad for your nubs since your nub length is basically my regular length. Damn you and your perfectly sized nail beds…. anyway, I do like that marc jacobs only because its kinda unique and looks good matte.

    1. haha…They look longer here than irl. Someone commented on how long my nails are and I was like…wtf…I barely have any free edge, so maybe you are right.

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