Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty

Hey there! If you’re lucky enough to have the day off for President’s Day, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. I’ve had a pretty nice weekend because I’ve been super lazy at home and haven’t done much. However, this means that today I have tons of errands to run and now I’m mad at myself for not getting everything done yesterday so I could just relax today. Before I forget…OMG…did you watch The Walking Dead last night? I am dying! I won’t reveal any spoilers because I don’t want anyone hating me for it, but you will not be disappointed! For today’s mani, I am sharing with you a beautiful polish that was given to me by Amanda for Christmas. All of my girls know what an indie newb I am, so they always send me the most gorgeous indies to suck into the dark side. I really, really want to feature more indies on my blog because I’ve always been so loyal to mainstream brands only because cremes are my #1 favorite finishes and mainstream brands do those so well. Anywho, today I’m going to show you Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty.

Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty 1

Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty 2

In the bottle, Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty does not look that interesting but boy did I change my mind one I slapped on this baby. I wish that my pictures could show the depth of this polish and that you could actually see all the different colors in the base. It’s just so complex and I love that it dried to a satiny finish. The formula was also A+.


Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty 3

Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty 4

Just for shiggles, I added a glossy top coat to see what it would look like. Although I like both, I think that I much prefer the original matte finish. Which one do you like best?

Well, I hope you are all doing great and that you’re enjoying your long weekend (if you got one!). It’s ridiculously warm here in Southern California, in the 80’s, so I’m trying not to be upset about it. I know some people would kill for this weather, but for someone who hates the heat, this is pure evil. Anywho, thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

7 thoughts on “Love, Angeline Haughty Taughty

  1. I am actually team matte. This is awesome.
    I was prepping dinner and was actually getting uncomfortable/hot. I know this weather is like considered the jackpot, but…I dunno, lol.

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