Laura Geller Creme Couture Lipsticks Review

Today I bring you another installment of the lipstick chronicles. Laura Geller is not a brand that I would say is one of my favorites, but I do think that they put out some quality products. I first came across this brand at Sephora but they unfortunately no longer carry the line. I was able to purchase a few items before the line was discontinued which included a handful of lipsticks, eye shadows and eyeliners. I find Laura Geller lipsticks incredibly creamy. It’s like they melt on your lips…even the matte shades which is surprising. Sometimes matte shades are very drying but these are so soft. They have a minty taste to them which not everyone will like, but it doesn’t bother me much. I am very satisfied with the pigmentation and the wear. They usually last about 4-6 hours on my lips without having to touch up.


Creme Nude

Mocha Rose


Mocha Mauve


On Stage




I haven’t purchased any other Laura Geller products but I would still recommend them. I think the prices vary depending on where you purchase these lipsticks but the retail price is around $18 each. You can find Laura Geller Cosmetics on QVC and Ulta.

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