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As most of you may already know, Seche came out with its first line of nail polishes a few months ago, and I was super curious about it but hadn’t come across the line at any of my usual places…until yesterday. I came upon a big display full of Seche polishes so of course I had to pick one up. My first instinct was to grab one of each, but as a reformed polish hoarder, I backed away from the display and only chose one polish to try out: Seche Irresistible. I felt proud of myself! I also think that it’s a good idea since this will be my first experience with this line of polishes but not my first experience with the brand since I am a pretty loyal Seche Vite customer.

Let’s look at my final mani:

Seche Irresistible Bundle Monster BM 319

This is my finished manicure. Do you want to recreate it? Read below to see what I used.

Seche Irresistible Swatch           Seche Irresistible Swatch

Seche Irresistible is a vibrant and shiny red-berry colored polish. It is a one-coater if you are careful, but I applied 2 thin coats for these swatches. I had heard that some people experienced shrinkage with these polishes when they used Seche Vite, but I am happy to report that I did not. This polish dries incredibly shiny and glossy which I love! I usually don’t have a lot to say about polish brushes, but I tend to prefer wider brushes (my favorite being OPI’s Pro-wide brush) so I wanted to mention that the Seche brush is pretty thin.

Despite the thin brush, I didn’t feel that it made that much of a difference in application for me. The brush does not fan out as nicely so I did have to be more careful with it because it would be very easy to flood my cuticles with polish–which I HATE.

Seche Irresistible Bundle Monster BM 319          Seche Irresistible Bundle Monster BM 319

I used an image from Bundle Monster plate BM 319 for this design along with Konad’s special white polish. The red and white is definitely getting me in the mood for December and Christmas!

What do you think about Seche Irresistible? Have you spotted these polishes already? Since I have you here, I might as well pimp out my blog sale again. I added A LOT of new polishes today so check it out. Please help me give these babies a new home–I just know they won’t get any use here anymore.

Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow where I will find a million way to mess up tomorrow’s movie inspired challenge.

19 thoughts on “Seche Irresistible

  1. Love the stamping design & the Irresitible berry color. Of course I haven’t seen Any in my area (not surprising) but ill keep my eyes open & nails ready. I was just watching a YouTube video about the best dry fast top coat & Seche Vite was a contender, great timing!

    1. Seche Vite is definitely my favorite top coat. We broke up for a bit but I came back groveling. 🙂 I do like Poshe as well. I honestly don’t think that the are readily available yet because I have only seen them at my out of the way independent beauty supply. Hopefully they will start coming out everywhere soon.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I haven’t seen them at any of the big stores so I guess they are kind of trickling out slowly. So far I think it’s a nice polish and hopefully the formula is consistent. Seche Vite is definitely my #1 top coat choice. I’ve strayed but I always come back to it!

  2. Where did you find it? I’ve been on the lookout for the Seche polish but as of yesterday at Ulta, nothing. I’ve used the Seche Vite for years although the shrinkage is annoying. I’m looking forward to trying the colors. It looks great on your fabulous nails!

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! I found it at a little independent beauty supply place. I haven’t found them at any of the big chains yet either. I rarely get shrinkage with Seche Vite but I noticed that I do get it when the sv is a little thicker so I always keep it at a nice consistency with seche restore.

    1. I know, right? Seche…clear…seche…color? Does not compute ?!&# I am about to start my first attempt…so if you see me get all bitch mean on twitter, you know it’s going poorly. lol

    1. I’m sure they will start showing up all over the place soon. I really did like it but probably won’t buy more unless it’s a very interesting color.

  3. She’s so wild so animal
    She gonna work that sexy body so sexual
    She’s like a female phenomenon
    She’s a GLAMAZON
    Female phenomenon
    A GLAMAZON nah nah nah
    That is the song that came into my head when I saw this color. Thank you, RuPaul (for so many things, really).
    Seche Vite is my favorite, too. I like that it is a little bit thicker and that it really does dry your nails like *poof*! There is that whole situation where it starts getting thick about halfway through the bottle and you keep thinning it until it is almost empty when even thinning it no longer works, BUT…still my favorite.

    1. When I get about halfway through the bottle, I just add some seche restore and then refill it with my big bottle of Seche Vite so it always works pretty well since I never let it get too goopy. The thinner it is, the better is dries the polish. If I let it get thick, I find that I get shrinkage so I just don’t let it get there.

      I actually did not know that song. I know nothing about RuPaul except WERK! lol

      1. Then you are depriving yourself of the fabulousness that is RuPaul’s Drag Race, and for this I am sad. It’s on LOGO, which I don’t get, but they re-show it on VH1 really early in the morning once a week. I also watched a season online through LOGO once. I don’t think it’s on right now, though.
        When I first started watching it, it took me like 3 episodes to figure out who he was when he wasn’t in drag, LOL!
        He plays his music on there like nobody’s business…he’s like the king (or I guess queen) of promotion.
        Anyway…it’s good times.

        1. You know, I recently watched a couple of episodes on Netflix and I did not find it interesting at all. I think it was probably the first couple of episodes from the first season so maybe it got better? Meh.

  4. I’m so proud of you! Just one polish! I haven’t seen any of these yet, but I’ve been avoiding any place that sells polish. I’m curious though, does it dry fast like the top coat or is it normal dry time?
    I’m going to have a look at your blog sale…but I’m on a no buy, so if you get an email from me demanding you sell me polish please delete it.
    Frosso recently posted..China Glaze TranzitionsMy Profile

    1. You know, it did seem to dry a little faster than normal polish but I think it might have also been that I used super thin coats. Sadly, I got major tip wear only a day later. 🙁 It might have been all the dishes I washed but still…it was a bummer.

      I already have a couple of people who asked me to refuse to sell to them. hahaha

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