Birthday Polish: Make Up For Ever Black Tango Red Black Nail Polish

I don’t think that it’s a secret that I love Make Up For Ever so when I heard that they were putting out their first trio of nail polishes, I nearly had a coronary…and then I heard that they wouldn’t be available in the US. Wah wah. 🙁 Enter my other French polish fairy godmother, Julie, from Un Brin de Julie. When she sent me this polish for my birthday, I squealed with delight.The Black Tango collection for Fall 2012 showcased four new aqua creams in a limited edition palette, three matching nail polishes and a lipstick. The three nail polishes are Red Black, Blue Black and Green Black and I have Red Black to share with you today. Are you ready for awesomeness?

Make Up For Ever Black Tango Red Black Nail Polish          Make Up For Ever Black Tango Red Black Nail Polish

This polish is somewhat thin so I decided to apply three very thin coats which is what you see here. In low light, this polish will look pretty much black but get this baby out in some direct light and it smoulders. Sorry about the lighting…either my monitor is going nuts or my skin looks super pink here. Lobster-type hands?

Anyway, this polish is amazing and the only sad part is that it is so tiny. It’s only .25oz which just makes it that much more precious. So thank you again, Julie, for the amazing polish. She also sent me two other really cool minis including a Mavala which is a brand I’ve never tried, but I’ll share that with you another time.

12 thoughts on “Birthday Polish: Make Up For Ever Black Tango Red Black Nail Polish

  1. I really like this blacked out colors. Especially ones like this w the little flecks. Every time you post your birthday polishes I wanna say Happy Birthday! Even though it’s past, but what the heck, it’s late and I’m kinda loopy from lack of oxygen (cold/flu that hit today, yay) so- HAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!!!!

    1. I guess my crappy blog settings strike again because I was sure that I had responded to this comment but here it is…no comment. GRRRRRRRRRRR. Hey, you can say happy birthday to me always! 😀 Unfortunately, I had such a bad birthday month that I hope that nothing similar ever happens again.

      But yea, this polish is goygeous.

    1. You’re jelly jello. 😛 It is pretty amazing. I just love how dark it looks and then BAM…you catch the right light and it comes alive. IT’S ALIVE!! IT’S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

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