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I did something today that strikes fear in the hearts of the most hardened individuals: I went to the DMV…without an appointment. Like an idiot, I lost my registration card so I headed over there to get a duplicate. Yes, I could have mailed it in, but I just wanted to get all straightened out as quickly as possible. When I got there, there wasn’t a huge line–maybe 10 people in line to get a number. It took over an hour just to get through the first line to get a number which entitles you to wait again while your number is called. Look, I know the DMV is a nightmare. I think everyone knows the nightmare is exponentially more painful if you go there without an appointment so I was ready for the long annoying wait. However, there seemed to be a lot of people there who apparently had never been to the DMV judging by their behavior. A few people were screaming at the DMV employee who was processing documents and giving our numbers. One guy was yelling at people to hurry up and go to the desk even if you weren’t being called yet. I ignored that guy and then he started telling people behind me to tell me to go up to the counter. WTF? I swear that if I hadn’t been in a mellow mood, I might have punched this guy in the vas deference. So after 2.5 hours, I finally got to talk to a DMV employee for 2 minutes and she printed out my new registration card. I guess all I want to say about this experience is: make a freaking appointment. If you don’t, then don’t act like a douche when you have to wait.

So once I got home, I was trying to figure out what to do with my nails. Since our 31 Day Challenge resumes tomorrow (polka dots!), I didn’t want to do anything too complicated since I’m going to have to remove it tomorrow and do the challenge manicare. So, I pulled out one of my untrieds: Sation Seriously Slate.

Sation Seriously Slate Swatch          Sation Seriously Slate Swatch

This colors is seriously gorgeous. It’s like the dark and twisty older sister of China Glaze Immortal. Don’t you just love that shimmer?? The only thing that I don’t like about this polish is that it is super sheer so I needed to apply 3 coats. The first coat is crazy sheer and patchy, but I am glad to say that it does build up nicely.

I have had this bottle of Miss & Makeup for a while now but hadn’t used it so I decided to layer it over Seriously Slate.

Sation Miss & Makeup Swatch over Sation Seriously Slate          Sation Miss & Makeup Swatch over Sation Seriously Slate

Sation Miss & Makeup Macro

Look at this pretty macro shot of Miss & Makeup! This sweet and pretty glitter comes from the “I Love Miss-self” specialty glitter collection that was released recently.

Miss Professional Nail I Love Miss-self

So what do you think of Seriously Slate? Do you like Miss & Makeup? Are there any other base colors that you think would go well with this glitter? I was thinking of using a hot pink underneath. Don’t forget to check in tomorrow since we will be resuming the 31 Day Challange–fun times! Talk to you later.


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37 thoughts on “Sation Seriously Slate

    1. Oh, no! I hope that Sation becomes more accessible. I haven’t heard of any spottings of this brand at TJ Maxx or Marshalls yet. Luckily, I have some amazing local beauty supply places that stock a wide range of Sation polishes. Ahhh…the DMV. Sometimes I think that the DMV is an experiment in ineptitude.

  1. Sadly, that’s nothing compared to the lines for gas in northern New Jersey and the New York City area T_T

  2. Wow, who ever thought to make an apointment for dmv i didnt know you could do that, maybe only in certain states. I ca tell you however, basically no matter ehat state you are in dmv SUCKS! On to the GORGEOUS polish i loved this. Olor to begin with then you had me swooning over the glitter topper! Omgeeee yes plesse!
    Amanda (Mae) recently posted..Halloween Party – non-polish relatedMy Profile

    1. Yes, it may be only in certain states. The DMV is just bad all-around and I have never had a painless experience there. I’m glad you like these! Sation is coming up with so many awesome polishes…just hope that they become more locally accessible.

  3. I am so in love with Sation lately! These are fantastic polishes! I need both of them!

    My prize choices would go like this: Sation package first, Essence 2nd, and Jessica 3rd (I hope posting this comment on this post isok…I wasnt sure if there was an original giveaway post I should be writing on instead?)

    So glad to find another Sation lover 😉

    1. It’s ok that you put your choices here. 🙂 I’ve been in love with Sation forever…I even liked some of their older formula polishes even though that brush needed some serious help. lol I am so lucky that I have a few places near me that usually have a huge selection of their polishes. I want them all…especially the holiday collection. I can barely wait to get my hands on those.

          1. They were $2.99 each!! The choices were limited…I picked up Track Starlet & Summer Night Sparkle! I am honestly going crazy over here because everything is closed due to the hurricane still (including work) and I just keep wondering if the Marshall’s down the street will have any new ones and when they will reopen (I clearly have issues 😉

            1. Wow, that’s cheaper than transdesign! I won’t tell you how much I pay for mine because everyone will hate me for having such awesome nail places nearby. lol Well, at least that’s one thing to look forward to, right? 🙂 Ugh…so terrible that there was so much damage out there. I hope things get better soon.

    I really love the black! Flippen gorgeous and the pink glitter top goes PERFECT with it!!
    I think a hot pink base would look just as rocking, even a neon yellow base may go well? Or… Is this just me? The pink flecks would look good with yellow. OR A BLUE, a baby blue would look awesome!!!

    1. This glitter is so complex! It has so many different shapes. I am always a big fan of matte glitter so I love the pink hexes. I also like the black and silver shards. There is just so much to like about this glitter! I’m glad you like it. 😉

  5. Ah, the joys of the Californian DMV. Hopefully, the douche bag in line can appreciate that his vas deferens is still intact.

  6. I love this grey and I like the glitter too! I am so impressed w these Sation polishes. When I have the money I’m gonna have to order some from TransDesign or something. And I just love the bottles so much even… it’s ridiculous. The only thing they could improve for me is the brushes. They’re kinda fluffy and messy but oh well- I have acetone! 🙂
    Nicole recently posted..The Challenge is Back in Full Effect! Today’s Inspiration- DOTS!My Profile

    1. That is perfect way to describe the brush…fluffy! I actually really like the brush now that I have gotten used to it and it seriously works so well with my nail shape. It is true that the bottle is very substantial as you said. I like that about them too! I really love this dark but shimmery grey–right up my alley.

      1. It’s going well!! It’s funny because on the second day of my no-buy I won a random polish-naming contest and won a holiday set! I just started in November! 🙂 How are you doing?! You should post more pictures of food, because you always eat really yummy stuff…like burritos! hahah.
        Olivia recently posted..Sunny’s Cuticle Oil ReviewMy Profile

        1. LOL!!! Hey, didn’t you win some China Glaze thing too? I thought I saw your name when they announced it and I got all excited. I saw your name and Megan’s from 2 lacquered girls on that winner’s list. Ahh…I’m doing good. I just really need to budget big time right now so polish isn’t really in the cards right now. I will buy those essence Twilight polishes if I see them at Ulta since they are just $1.99 but otherwise, I’m going to stick to my no-buy. It kind of feels like a big accomplishment!

  7. O…M..G. I think I am having a nail polish adoration blackout.
    “This colors is seriously gorgeous.” YES! “It’s like the dark and twisty older sister of China Glaze Immortal.” YES! “Don’t you just love that shimmer??” YES! And Miss & Makeup? DYING. I MUST check out these speciality glitters!!!
    Ugh, I can’t get over how much I love this mani. *Ahem* I will compose myself enough to say that the DMV’s tagline should be: “The DMV…we will make you want to punch someone in the vas deferens!”

    1. Haha! I’m sure there are worst places than the DMV but I can’t think of any right now. I actually don’t mind that place so much because I already know it’s a nightmare so I prepare myself. It’s those people (whom I know are old enough to know better) who act like they’ve never been at the DMV that bother me. Ugh…that guy really deserved a punch to the scrotum.

      This is the only specialty glitter that I have from them cause I kept talking myself out of getting more. I just know I won’t use them as much but I really do love how this looks. I’ve been trying to think of other color combinations for this glitter as well.

      1. The last time that I went to the DMV (I forget why…I think I needed a new pic for a license renewal) I went right before Christmas and that actually worked out pretty well, haha.
        The colors I had thought of I think someone else already suggested…perhaps that Nails Inc. (or similar) yellow for maximum in-yo-faceness or a light blue? I think purple could be a good experiment, too…I know you have plenty of purple! 😉 Ooo…or white! Yes, I like the white idea!

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