Love Nail Lacquer Ticklish

Something just hit me: who are these people who appear on The People’s Court? I mean, most of them are so disastrously ghetto that I have a hard time looking at them. It’s like a trainwreck that you have a hard time looking away from no matter how gorry the scene may be. I don’t even know why I watch it except out of maybe some kind of morbid curiosity. Anyway, today has been pretty ho-hum. Work sucked as usual, but I have an interview on Thursday so maybe things will improve soon. Since I was so annoyed after work, I decided to go get a manicure. I always regret it because most places do such a horrid job and this was no exception. After I got home, I took off the polish and I’m probably going to paint them another color soon.  What a waste of $15!!!! The share I’m sharing with you today is one of those strange colors that I don’t know if I really like. Love Nail Lacquer is a strange brand that I have only seen in a few nail places–the kind that look like the land that time forgot. I tried looking the brand up online, but didn’t really find much information. Oh well! This strange orange-peachy polish is Love Nail Lacquer Ticklish.

Love Nail Lacquer Ticklish

Love Nail Lacquer Ticklish

Love Nail Lacquer Ticklish

Does this color make my skin look strange or is it just my monitor? The formula on this polish was pretty nice: it was smooth and pigmented. I can’t say that it’s a color that I’m super excited about, but it is rather unique to my stash so that’s a huge plus. I applied 2 coats for the swatches above along with a coat of my trusty Seche Vite. Have you run across this brand before?

Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week–can’t wait for hump day…especially since it’s my day off! Wooo hooo! Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

21 thoughts on “Love Nail Lacquer Ticklish

    1. Oh my gosh! I totally see it being a good Nemo color. I am still mad at myself for going to get a manicure when I can do a way better job myself.

  1. I like it! It totally makes me think of orange starbursts too! I do think it makes your skin tone look odd though. =0/

  2. I am kind of baffled by this color! I’m like, “I like it…well, I kinda don’t, but I mean, I do, but…” I think you identified it well as a color that kind of doesn’t look good on anyone, but can be appreciated for its novelty. I like that it is unique and if anyone can sorta wear it, it is you!
    I don’t know this brand, but I also don’t have many “land that time forgot” stores around me like you do, haha.

  3. I think I had a color like this but it looked fug on me so I got rid of it. Now that I do nail art I wish I kept it for some dotticures. Maybe white nail with pink and orange?

    I wonder about those crazy idiots on judge shows, too (I was unemployed for awhile and watched a lot, ugh). Then I started working with crazy people and the mystery was solved. They’re just everywhere. It’s scary.

  4. I actually really like this color- like a nice bright saturated tangeriney orange. It does kinda make your skin look funny tho but maybe it’s just cuz you put the idea in my head. I’m very impressionable you know… like when someone makes an AWESOME suggestion (or NOT) I’m just absolutely compelled to do it. SIKE! Anyway I have not seen this brand, but I don’t like in the land that time forgot like you apparently do. You with your billions of billions of nail stores and vintage bottles of stuff and now this. Sorry bout the failed mani. You should have known better! :p
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  5. how did you interview go? I feel as if i haven’t spoken to you in so long! miss you!!!!
    I love this orange. It’s like pumpkin pie sexiness and no it doesn’t make your skin look funny???? :-/

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