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How’s your Sunday going? I am still trying to work through all my allergies, but I think I am losing the battle because I’m kind of miserable. When I am feeling completely off, I usually just veg out and watch tons of stuff on Netflix. Since I love watching documentaries, my feed is usually full of documentary recommendations. One of those recommendations caught my attention: Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. Basically, the documentary is about adults (they focus on males) who are fans of My Little Pony (Bros + Ponies = Bronies). I would have never known that this even existed if I hadn’t watched this documentary. It was actually pretty interesting! The reason why I even watched this is because I have a soft spot in hear for My Little Pony. When I was a kid, I wanted one so bad but my parents couldn’t get one for me because we were broker than broke at that point. Many years later, like when I was 19/20, my mom bought one of the original ones for me randomly at a garage sale because I guess she remembered how much I wanted one when I was a little kid. I still get choked up a little bit when I think about it because it meant so much to me. Alright, alright…enough of My Little Pony and let’s move on to the polish. If there is one color that I don’t have much of in my stash, it is brown so I am happy for this addition: Kiko 816 Taupe Brown.

Kiko 816 Taupe Brown 1aKiko 816 Taupe Brown 2While this is not a color that I would normally go gaga over, I ended up really liking it because it applied so smoothly and effortlessly. It only needed two coat for full coverage and it dried pretty quickly since it is a quick dry formula. I can see this polish working really well for some nail art! A big thanks again to Sabrina for sending this to me.

So, I hope that you’ve enjoyed your weekend. I’ll try to super medicate myself so that I can actually be functional for work tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

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  1. I’d never seen My Little Pony until my niece introduced me to it during a visit over the holidays. She is nine and was a little chagrined to be watching it because, as she said, “it’s really for little kids.” I guess NOT!

    Love this color, such a clean and true taupe!
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  2. NNNNOOOO!!! DO NOT GO DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE OF BRONIES!!! My brother warned me to stay away a long time ago. Don’t explore the Internet too much on that one…that shit is not right. Although…bronies probably say that about nail polish addicts, lol!
    That is a sweet story about My Little Pony, though. Because it doesn’t involve bronies, hahaha.
    This Kiko looks fantastic! Just chocolaty, smooth, modern neutral deliciousness!
    “I’ll try to super medicate myself so that I can actually be functional for work tomorrow”…I should perhaps also take this approach, LOL!

  3. One of my close friends is a “Bronie” (though not in a creepy way) and I have personally sat and enjoyed some Friendship is Magic. It’s surprisingly very entertaining! I’m gonna have to check out that documentary!

    As for the polish, I could faint over this one! You’re killing me with this Kiko polish! I want to get my hands on both of the colors you’ve posted this week!

    1. I’m glad he’s not a creepy Brony. 🙂 I really did enjoy the documentary and the guys in it did not seem creepy at all–maybe just a little socially awkward.

      I really love Kiko–just wish they were easier to get for me.

  4. I actually met my boyfriend of 2 years because of MLP, ahahahaha. It’s like any other fandom though, there are some….really odd people and bad apples, but I’ve also met some very good friends through it. Just…be careful what parts of the Internet you go to if you research the male fans more in-depth. I really wish I didn’t have to say that but the Internet is a scary place.

    I really like how this color looks on you! It almost makes me want to get a similar one, you’re one of the few blogs I follow with a skin tone remotely similar to mine haha.
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    1. Now that must be an interesting story. I dated a guy I met online (this was way before everyone was doing it) and we always felt weird when people asked how we met. When we did tell people, they were horrified. haha I totally agree with you that fandoms just really bring out a variety of different characters. 🙂

      I didn’t think that I was going to like this brown color so much on myself but I do!

  5. I love brown polishes! This one look gorgeous!!

    Regarding netflix documentaries, i loved them, i have a service that allows me to watch different netflix regions.. So i keep changing to watch interesting stuff.. I watched friday night lights, the whole series, 3 times in a row..
    Back to documentaries, i watched the GLOW one.. I loved that show.. I even cried a little at the end.. I highly recommend it

    I’m afraid of the content of bronies.. But i’m so curious about it.. Idk.. Is it painful to watch?

    1. You know what? I think that the fact that I am so obsessed with nails, spend so much time doing my nails and working on this blog makes me feel like I am part of some psycho fandom so I try not to judge. hahaha I actually thought the documentary was really good and the people in it weren’t portrayed as being total weirdos. I think they did a good job of explaining why they like My Little Pony so much and it actually made sense to me. You should totally watch it. I need to watch FNL.

      1. I warn you.. fnl is highly addictive.. You wont be able to stop.. I found it on my last week of vacations and i watched the whole series.. In a week.. 5 seasons.. I felt so empty after i finished it that i started watching it again..

        Regsrding bronies.. I just felt that most of the guys were potheads.. Lol., i mean, watching my little pony high should be funny and interesting.. Just saying LOL.. I cried a little in rhe part of the donation.. Idk if i have an overall opinion of bronies.. Idk it was weird..

  6. That is such a gorgeous color! I wish they were in the states! I feel you about the allergies today. I had to explain to my co-worker to not worry if she constantly see’s me rubbing my nose. I was told her “I promise I don’t do drugs!” Seriously, if it’s outside I’m allergic too it! My first night working at the store I was sick for a week because of the disgusting amount of dust in that store pffft.

    1. Ugh! So terrible. I think I have a head cold now so I’ve missed two days of work. Then when I take Benadryl or something, it knocks me out. I hope you’re better!

  7. Dude I literally JUST watched the Bronies documentary the other night (possibly even the same night as you!) because a friend of mine works for Hasbro and was telling me all about this MLP subculture. Incredibly……. interesting? So random that we both watched it haha.
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