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Kiko 816 Taupe Brown

Kiko 816 Taupe Brown




How’s your Sunday going? I am still trying to work through all my allergies, but I think I am losing the battle because I’m kind of miserable. When I am feeling completely off, I usually just veg out and watch tons of stuff on Netflix. Since I love watching documentaries, my feed is usually full of documentary recommendations. One of those recommendations caught my attention: Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony. Basically, the documentary is about adults (they focus on males) who are fans of My Little Pony (Bros + Ponies = Bronies). I would have never known that this even existed if I hadn’t watched this documentary. It was actually pretty interesting! The reason why I even watched this is because I have a soft spot in hear for My Little Pony. When I was a kid, I wanted one so bad but my parents couldn’t get one for me because we were broker than broke at that point. Many years later, like when I was 19/20, my mom bought one of the original ones for me randomly at a garage sale because I guess she remembered how much I wanted one when I was a little kid. I still get choked up a little bit when I think about it because it meant so much to me. Alright, alright…enough of My Little Pony and let’s move on to the polish. If there is one color that I don’t have much of in my stash, it is brown so I am happy for this addition: Kiko 816 Taupe Brown.

Kiko 816 Taupe Brown 1aKiko 816 Taupe Brown 2While this is not a color that I would normally go gaga over, I ended up really liking it because it applied so smoothly and effortlessly. It only needed two coat for full coverage and it dried pretty quickly since it is a quick dry formula. I can see this polish working really well for some nail art! A big thanks again to Sabrina for sending this to me.

So, I hope that you’ve enjoyed your weekend. I’ll try to super medicate myself so that I can actually be functional for work tomorrow. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!