Kiko #401 Peacock Green

It’s no secret that I love holo polishes. When I saw the gorgeous Layla Hologram Effect polishes, I thought: “Prozac be damned! This is a nailgasm!” (Yeah, if you’ve been on Prozac, you know what I’m talking about.) So imagine how incredibly disappointed I was when I realized that for whatever reason their formula just did not like my nails at all. I seriously get chips after like an hour!!!! It was such a major bummer yet I managed to buy 5 of them. Oh, the lack of logic when you’re a nail polish addict…

Fast forward to now and I finally got around to trying the amazing Kiko holo that Sabrina sent to me. OH. MY. GAHHHHH! I am in freaking love with this color. This is 2/2 on the Kiko front. I have a third Kiko polish yet to try out and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it too. I had a hard time getting an accurate picture of this polish, so bear with me. Without further ado, I present to you Kiko Peacock Green from their LE Lavish Oriental Collection:






The application on this is flawless. I could say that even one thickish coat is enough. It applied smoothly and evenly. Even better, I had ZERO clean up because the formula was so easy to manipulate. I did not apply a base or top coat and so far it’s wearing well. I’ve done dishes, cleaned up the porch (ew, ew ew!!! you know why if you follow me on twitter) and have washed my hands about a million times. I am impressed!

So what do you think? I think it’s absolutely amazing. Sabrina has unfortunately created a Kiko monster out of me: MUST. HAVE. MORE. KIKO! RAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!

I’m headed to Sephora in a few minutes with a friend and since I’ve been so incredibly bummed out and stressed out about all the issues with my blog, you know what’s about to happen….

31 thoughts on “Kiko #401 Peacock Green

    1. You would be so proud of me. I only bought two polishes and that was it! I was so bummed that even polish didn’t get me all excited. 🙁

    1. I was super good at Sephora. I got Nails Inc. Baker Street and one of the sprinkles polishes from Nails Inc…the one that looks like salt and pepper. I think I’m the only one who just yelled out real loud “Ah, push it – p-push it real good!” lol That song was so jr. high for me…totally loved salt n peppa. hahaha

      I also got my birthday gift (the fresh lip duo) and I redeemed 100 pts for a mini MUFE lippie.

  1. I have created a KIKO Monster xD. But it’s absolutely beautiful :D. I am glad you like it 🙂

    I just read “Leave me a comment or else I will cry. It’s the only way I know you read my ramblings! 😛 ” Lol, so funny and true ;p

    1. whoever gets the chance to try kiko fells in love with it.. I can’t wait to get to europe next year and go craaaazyyy in a kiko store..i love kiko..

      cynthia, i told you that you were going to looove this brand..

      1. You are so right. You have to get TONS of kiko when you go to Spain so I can live vicariously through your purchases. 🙂

    2. Hehehe! I do love it and apparently so does everyone else because I’ve gotten tons of questions about where they can be purchased. We need to make a petition: KIKO IN THE USA!!!! lol

  2. I asked my friends (one in Paris, the others going to Paris) to hoard those Kiko holos for me!!!

    Glad you got yours! 🙂

    Your wheaten is adorable!!!

    Love your blog. I gotta start posting more on mine lol


    1. Very lucky! DId you ask for any particular colors or did you just ask for any and all like I would? 🙂

      Thanks but he’s not my dog anymore. 🙁 I’m going to go see him soon so I’ll have some new pics of him. He’s probably so big now since it’s been about 4 months since I saw him.

    Understandable, though. This is amazing! I am kinda scared to try my Layla because you said they chip so badly on you, but I’ll have to take my chances.
    Nice Sephora picks! I got the pink/blue/white Sprinkles in the mail on I think Friday.

    1. I think maybe it’s just my nails that don’t like the Layla holos because Nicole says that hers don’t chip like mine do. Hopefully you will have better luck with them. I was seriously surprised that I didn’t buy more but since I’ve been feeling so craptastic, not even polish makes me feel better. I did go to Ulta today since butter london are BOGO so I ended up getting 6…basically at 50% off. And I’m not even that excited about them. Ugh!

      1. LOL…I was just making fun of my brother because when he was a kid, one of the neighbor kids tried to choke him because he wouldn’t trade a HTF Pokemon card. I never let him live it down.

  4. I ordered my first Butters after seeing a holiday duo on some website. I didn’t love either color (a red glitter and a gold glitter) and they both wore TERRIBLY. Other than that, I have Bluey (which is fantastic), Wallis (untried), and The Black Knight (untried). There are some more I am interested in, but I need to gain confidence before I throw out $14 or whatever the hell they are. That said, I’m still interested in seeing yours!
    I kind of love the icon I’ve been assigned. My face is, like, angry, but also swearing, or something? I dunno…it amuses me.

    1. I always laugh when I see the random icons. Yours does look kinda angry.

      I do like butter london but I also hesitate getting more because of the price. The bottles are only .33oz vs. .5 oz for Illamasqua and they are the same price so I’d rather get Illamasqua. I tend to stock up on butter london when they are on super sale. Because of the bogo, they were basically 50% off so I can definitely justify $7! lol I want to try The Black Knight–it seems interesting.

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