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Kiko #401 Peacock Green

It’s no secret that I love holo polishes. When I saw the gorgeous Layla Hologram Effect polishes, I thought: “Prozac be damned! This is a nailgasm!” (Yeah, if you’ve been on Prozac, you know what I’m talking about.) So imagine how incredibly disappointed I was when I realized that for whatever reason their formula just did not like my nails at all. I seriously get chips after like an hour!!!! It was such a major bummer yet I managed to buy 5 of them. Oh, the lack of logic when you’re a nail polish addict…

Fast forward to now and I finally got around to trying the amazing Kiko holo that Sabrina sent to me. OH. MY. GAHHHHH! I am in freaking love with this color. This is 2/2 on the Kiko front. I have a third Kiko polish yet to try out and I’m pretty sure I’m going to love it too. I had a hard time getting an accurate picture of this polish, so bear with me. Without further ado, I present to you Kiko Peacock Green from their LE Lavish Oriental Collection:






The application on this is flawless. I could say that even one thickish coat is enough. It applied smoothly and evenly. Even better, I had ZERO clean up because the formula was so easy to manipulate. I did not apply a base or top coat and so far it’s wearing well. I’ve done dishes, cleaned up the porch (ew, ew ew!!! you know why if you follow me on twitter) and have washed my hands about a million times. I am impressed!

So what do you think? I think it’s absolutely amazing. Sabrina has unfortunately created a Kiko monster out of me: MUST. HAVE. MORE. KIKO! RAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR!

I’m headed to Sephora in a few minutes with a friend and since I’ve been so incredibly bummed out and stressed out about all the issues with my blog, you know what’s about to happen….