31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 1: Red

I have never participated in any kind of nail art challenge mostly because my nail art is beyond pitiful. You may think I’m being hard on myself, but I actually cringe every time I attempt any kind of nail art. I always find a way to mess the look up no matter how simple it may seem. As you can imagine, this is a huge step for me but I joined up with some lovely ladies for my first ever 31 day-type challenge. Ohmygodimsorryifmynailarthurtsyoureyes.

We will be posting every 3 days which I am super happy about because I wouldn’t be able to handle the challenge if we had to post every day. The other ladies participating in this challenge are:  Jessica from Once Upon A Polish, Nicole from Polish Me, Please!, Alaina from The Little Canvas and Ave from Polish Pixelle.


The first post as you can see from the graphic above is centered around “Red” so this is what I decided to do:


This is Zoya Posh from the MatteVelvet Collection for Fall 2009. This is such a rich and pigmented color that I surprisingly haven’t worn in eons. That will surely change because I am so freaking ready for Fall.


This is Posh with a coat of Seche Vite. Ok, this is absolutely amazing in my book. I am dying at how beautiful this looks.


I am normally not a stud/rhinestone person (like a rhinestone cowboy!), but I decided to do this just because I have tons of these studs. I am still not sure that I really like this so you’ll have to let me know what you think.

I have a bunch of polish stuff to share with you but I’ll leave it for tomorrow’s post. 🙂 So what do you think about my Day 1 look? Stay cool and talk to you later!

24 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art – Day 1: Red

  1. Hahaha I don’t want you to cry!!! I just saw this! Anyway I think these nails are cool. They look pretty and kind of hard core. 🙂 I’ve never used any studs or anything but I like how they look on other people. 🙂 Don’t stress about the challenge, your nail art is just as good if not better than mine! It’s all fun so just take a breath, do what you can do and don’t worry about it. 😀 Nice job on these nails. 🙂

    1. I meant I didn’t want you to cry by being subjected to my “nail art.” LOL Yes, I do love it hardcore. Oh, wait…nevermind. I actually really love studs on shoes but I’m not going to pay like a crazy price for them. These studs actually came from a cheapo summer dress that I bought at Ross. I washed it and I noticed that the studs were coming off so I ended up taking them off and now I’m going to use them for my nails. hahaha Cheap Ross dress = badass nails.

  2. I loved the matte finishing.. why didn’t you let it be matte with the rhinestones?
    i’m not into “bling bling” on my nails, but everybody has been giving me a lot of stuff to put on my nails.. so SOOOOON i’ll be pimping my nails..

    1. I do like the matte look too, but I never leave well enough alone. I love the way it looks shiny too because there is so much depth to the polish. LOL @ pimp my nails. We could start a movement. Well, I don’t usually wear stuff like this on my nails because I take it off right away or they fall off since I am always cleaning stuff.

      1. hahaha.. i guess.. yesterday I had the rhinestones on my desk.. and i was like.. let’s use it.. and then i was like.. hehehe maybe not.. IDK. i’m not that kind of person, but again.. according to jorge, my husband, i’m not the kind of person that looks like she get her nails done all the time..

        1. Just do it! lol I always do all kinds of craziness and if I hate it, a bottle of acetone is just a step away. haha! I do so many looks that no one ever gets to see because they are so horrid, but at least I get it out of my system.

          1. i’m about to tell something that people won’t believe.. but sometimes, i’m too lazy and i don’t even want to get my nails done.. I think is because now i have too many in a small box, so I really need to buy new boxes to see if i start working on my nails again..

            1. LOL–well, you definitely need to get some organization going. I find that when I keep all my stuff organized and easy to access, I am more likely to want to play around with them.

  3. That red polish is GORGEOUS! Adding it onto my wishlist now!!! Matte = perfect. Shiny = perfect. love love love love. I like hte rhinestones but personally could never wear them. I always end up picking anything off my nail that is 3d within three seconds of applying it. It’s bad. lol

    also laughing at “Ohmygodimsorryifmynailarthurtsyoureyes.” hush up! lol your nail art won’t hurt anyone’s eyes! Can’t wait to see it all!!!

    1. Awww…I hope you can find it because I think it’s been retired or something. I love Zoya’s matte polishes because they aren’t just flat polishes…that shimmer in them is amazing. I usually don’t wear rhinestones either because they fall off super fast or I get them caught on something and it gives me the creeps.

      This was fairly simple but wait until I try to do something complicated…I’m not kidding. For every win I have 10 fails. hahaha

  4. You’ve bedazzled your nails! haha I don’t know if I could handle the texture, that’s why I haven’t tried rhinestones yet. I swear I’d pick them off before the polish was even dry. And I’m pissed I dragged ass when it came to buying the Zoya mattes. I remember always passing them over when I cruised the site and now their gone. Womp Womp! I finally got my hands on some tiny rhinestones, maybe I’ll get the nerve up to try them during the challenge?

    1. These studs are actually really smooth so they didn’t bug me as much. I wore them for over a day and they didn’t fall off even though I was doing some major cleaning and washing dishes and all that crap. I got a few of the Zoya mattes and their selection was definitely limited by the time I got them. I think I saw a few at one of my little saigon stores so I’m going to get them. You should totally use the rhinestones even if it’s just for the challenge.

  5. I do not think that your nail art is pitiful, *but* I am wondering if maybe you just like simpler manis and that’s why you don’t like it when you try it? Am I trying to be psychological about manicures? LOL. That is foolishness.
    As you know, I’m not a huge matte fan, but this is goygeous with the topcoat! AH! I like the studs, but for me personally, I probably wouldn’t be able to tolerate them for more than a day. And if one fell off…oh, man, I’d go NUTS and have to remove it all IMMEDIATELY.
    LOL!!! You should win an award for manicure ingenuity! Dress studs re-purposed into a bitchin’ manicure!

    1. I actually think you’re right. I don’t really like busy stuff on my nails for the most part. I do like to experiments but can’t deal with keeping certain designs on my nails so I just think they are ugly. I do like the matte look but I think that this polish really transforms into something else with the shiny top coat. I wish I had gotten all of the polishes from this collection!!!!

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