KBShimmer Resting Witch Face – PPU October 2018

Thursday is upon us and that means that tomorrow you will have the opportunity to shop all the offerings for October Polish Pickup. Yasssss! I have such a hard time making up my mind as to what I will buy each month so I know that a lot of you are in the same boat. This month, the inspiration is villains which I am super pumped about. Today I have KBShimmer Resting Witch Face to share with you so let’s get on to the swatches.



KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

(3 coats of polish and no top coat)


KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

KBShimmer Resting Witch Face


I think that I have mentioned a few times how hard it is for me to photograph and capture thermals this time of year. Not having air conditioning means that my apartment is perpetually hot so any transition effect that I get wears off almost immediately. For my pictures, I had to resort to dipping my fingers in ice water to be able to show you want this polish looks like in its cold state. The formula was fairly sheer so that is why I ended up applying three coats. I wanted the glitter to be rather dense and I achieved that with 3 coats. In it’s warm state, I find the polish interesting but not something that I would immediately gravitate towards. However, in its cold state, this polish really comes alive. I absolutely love the combination of black and green!!!

This is what Christy had to say regarding her inspiration for this polish:

When I was a child, watching The Wizard of Oz was magical. The songs, the vibrant color, the munchkins, and of course the yellow brick road made this a movie classic. I bet many of you wanted to skip down that road too! Of course, we had to have a villain, and we know from the moment Miss Gulch tries to take the dog that we hate her, so of course when she appears as the Wicked Witch of the West, we have a grand villain to despise. An iconic look, with her green skin and black apparel, the Wicked Witch was the perfect inspiration for this month’s PPU shade. We started with holo lime green glitters. When cold, those glitters sparkle and pop against the blackened thermal base. When warm, this shade is a soft green with the glitters commanding attention. This shade is semi textured, and will need a thick coat of Clearly On Top or other top coat for a smooth glossy finish.

PPU for October starts tomorrow, 10/5/18, and will run through 10/8/18. This polish will retail for $11 and will have no cap so head on over to polishpickup.com to get your goodies! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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KBShimmer Resting Witch Face KBShimmer Resting Witch Face KBShimmer Resting Witch Face

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