JReine Two Faced Twins

Hey guys! What’s going on? I’m keeping busy with work and with organizing all my stuff. I’m still going through the process of cleaning out my storage and getting rid of tons of clothes, books and random trinkets. The other day I found an old box of letter that my friends wrote to me when I was living in Paris and it was super fun to see some of that stuff. I also found my box of heartbreak that had a bunch of crap from rando guys who have passed through my life. I don’t know why I decided to keep that crap even though I never open the box or go through all that emotional garbage. Am I the only one who does this? Probably not, but hey, we all have our pasts and without all those experiences I wouldn’t be the emotionally stunted person that I am today! #kiddingnotkidding Anywho, today I have JReine Two Faced Twins to share with you so let me get to the swatches.

JReine Two Faced Twins

JReine Two Faced Twins

JReine Two Faced Twins

Don’t tell me this polish isn’t incredibly luxe! It’s a deep blackened navy jelly full of OGUP (Unicorn Pee) that builds up very nicely and easily. I am wearing 3 coats for my swatches above. This polish was part of an exclusive Unicorn Pee Collection that was offered to members of the JReine Junkies facebook group in early 2019 so it’s no longer available as far as I can tell. I think I paid $15 for this beauty which is on par with a lot of polishes that use OGUP.  I don’t know about you, but I just can NEVER resist a polish that showcases Unicorn Pee like this. I recently purchased some new OGUP polishes that I will be showing you soon so don’t forget to check back. Well, I hope that you’re doing well, and I appreciate you stopping by. Talk to you soon!


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