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I’m having a good day today. You know those days when everything flows just right, work is fine and you’re just in a lighthearted mood? Yep, that’s me today. I wish I had more of these days because I feel so much better and optimistic about things. Even though I am back to working Saturdays, I hope it’s a nice…at least I get to sleep in until 5 am. LUCKY ME!! Since I’m in such a fantastic mood, I decided to show you a polish that is just as bright and cheery. Just when you thought you were on holo overload, Jade Déjà Vu swoops in to sweep you off your feet. Don’t believe me? Check it out below.

Jade Déjà Vu 1aJade Déjà Vu 2aJade Déjà Vu 3aJade Déjà Vu 4aJade Déjà Vu is a hot pink holo from the Holográfico line. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? The holo isn’t as crazy linear as other holos, but it is still rather breathtaking–especially because I love pink polish. This awesome polish was a gift from the awesome Amy who sadly doesn’t blog much anymore and whose posts always cracked me up. The formula on these Jade holographic polishes is awesome because they are super opaque and don’t apply like regular holos. They dry shiny and glossy which I love!

I hope that you stop by tomorrow because we are going to have some awesome manis for Stamping Saturday. I have probably my favorite stamping mani EVER to share with you tomorrow so I hope that you end up liking it as much as I do. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I hope you have awesome weekend plans. Talk to you soon!

14 thoughts on “Jade Déjà Vu

  1. Oh guuurrl! Im glad you like it, it looks so good on you! I wish I still had time to blog, but with school, work, friends, and a new man…. I barely have time to polish my nails let alone blog about it! I do quite a bit of instagram @drama_ocelot and I follow you there! I also still read your every blog post! I miss you and your cyberface! (Especially since ive never actually met you and your real face.)

    1. I miss you too, lady. I am not on IG that much (as you can tell). Well, I’m glad that good stuff is happening even if it doesn’t give you time to blog. 🙂 Life stuff first!

  2. Glad you had a good day! This polish is just the perfect representation of a happy day for Cynthia…screaming hot pink…and holo!!!
    I want a bunch of these Jades…they just look nearly unmatched when it comes to bright, strong holos.

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