Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection April 2015




Can you believe this is the last day of March? Where does time go? I’ve been away for most of March but even though I haven’t been posting, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been painting my nails like a crazy person. It felt pretty good to just paint my nails and not have to worry about writing up posts and such. Now that we are entering a new month, that means there are two new beauties to add to the Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection! Aren’t you excited? I really look forward to these monthly releases because Cirque Colors does cremes like nobody’s business. Let me show you the two beauties for April.

Cirque Colors Sunset Park 1Cirque Colors Sunset Park 2Cirque Colors Sunset Park

Cirque Colors Vigo 1Cirque Colors Vigo 2Cirque Colors Vigo

 Yes, they are gorgeous. Yes, the formula is perfection. Yes, you need these. Any questions? I am already excited about seeing next month’s colors–am I weird? These beauties will be available April 1st so make sure to check them out. What do you think of these lovely shades? Thanks for the visit and talk to you soon.

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14 thoughts on “Cirque Colors Metropolis Collection April 2015

  1. These are so pretty and creamy-looking!
    Are you swatching their Magic Hour collection exclusive to Nordstrom? They’re so friggin gorgeous!

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