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I haven’t been sleeping well lately. The reason is that I keep having jacked up dreams that I am in The Walking Dead, and I’m being chased by zombies. And you know what? There’s a reason why there aren’t any fat people on the show. If I had to run away from zombies, they would catch up with me in about 30 seconds. Even Hershel with one leg would be able to run faster than me. I always end up waking up completely freaked out, and then I don’t want to fall asleep again for fear of dreaming about zombies again. You’re probably thinking: “So stop watching the show, you dumbass!” I haven’t been watching this second part of this season cause I want to watch them all at once so I guess I can’t escape the terror! So besides zombie nightmares, things are going pretty good over here. I am enjoying blogging again so that is always good. Today I am sharing a collection that is flying under the radar: the Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola Collecion. Yep, you read that right. After OPI put out a Coca-Cola Collection last year, NOPI also put one out. While the collections are not identical, they have some similarities. Let me show you the 6 polishes that make up this collection.

12Nicole by OPI The Look Is Orange

34Nicole by OPI Seriously Citrus

56Nicole by OPI Always A Classic Coca-Cola

78Nicole by OPI DC Lover

910Nicole by OPI In Grape Demand

1112Nicole by OPI Zero Is My Hero

Overall I think this is a very neat and cohesive collection. I really like Seriously Citrus and Zero Is My Hero so those two are my main recommendations. The formula on all of these is nice–I don’t really have anything negative to say about this collection, but it definitely did not wow me. These are nice staple colors so don’t hesitate to pick them up if you like the colors or don’t have anything similar. This collection is out now so go get ’em! Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will catch up with you later.

16 thoughts on “Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola Collection

  1. I actually like this collection. I love the Zero is My Hero (as it reminds me of Coca -Cola for sure) and The Look Is Orange (as it’s so creamy looking). Guess I’ll have to get these during my spring break.

  2. “So besides zombie nightmares, things are going pretty good over here.” LOL!
    You’re right that these are pretty under the radar. At first I was curious, then I was meh, but I like the orange, purple, and brown.

  3. I think there’s nothing special about this collection

    And regarding twd .. Well tyresse is kind of fat and he survived.. And the geek one who wantd to go to washington..
    Did you see th season finale???

    1. Tyresse wasn’t fat! He was muscular and big boned. lol And yeah, Eugene is a little beefy but everyone was always protecting him so he doesn’t count. I haven’t watched the season finale yet. I haven’t watched the second part of the season cause I want to watch them all at one time. I will either binge watch it online or watch it once it comes on Netflix since I don’t have cable.
      Cynthia recently posted..Nicole by OPI Coca-Cola CollectionMy Profile

      1. i don’t have cable either… i’ve cancelled my subscription and i use my father in law’s netflix account LOL.. (shameless)
        but whenever I want to watch a show, i watch in on:

        i won’t tell you anything about the season finale.. because if i share my feelings and thoughts about it i might end up telling you spoilers so.. that’s it..

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