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So, I finally got around to swatching 4 of the polishes I picked up from the China Glaze Holofraud–err…Hologlam Collection. Ok, ok…I can admit that I was really annoyed about this collection when swatches finally came out because I was expecting some awesome holo goodness and these felt like a big letdown. Was I on crack before, or do you not remember some amazing swatch wheels floating around about this collection from last year’s Cosmoprof??? I was so excited because I still have not gotten over completely missing out on the OMG Collection which sadly pre-dates my polish obsession. Well, here I thought I was going to get my second chance but no. Waaahhh waahhh! When I started seeing all the reviews online, I just became bitter, yet still purchased 4 of these polishes. Why, you ask? Well, because I am a polish hoarder, and I just couldn’t help myself. I ended up exiling them to the back of one of my melmers until recently when I told myself that I should at least swatch them. I did swatch them, and I think I need to somewhat take back some of my vitriol against this collection. While I stand by my comments about these polishes not really having a very strong holographic effect, they are still very pretty. The formula on these was kind of spectacular. I swatched them on my bare nails and applied 2 coats and no top coat. While the formula seemed a little thin, they covered well and dried lightning fast. I’m sure you’ve seen a million and a half posts about the China Glaze Hologlam Collection, but indulge me, won’t you?




Infra Red




Not In This Galaxy




Take A Trek




When Stars Collide

Well, my final thoughts on this collection is that while they are not crazy holographic, I do like the delicate holo effect. I can imagine wearing these when I want something sparkly but not flashy a la Halo Hues or Laylas. Will I get more of these? Maybe one or two more, but I won’t die without them. What do you think about this collection? Have you tried them out yet?

Since I was so annoyed earlier today, I’m going to just share a little mini-rant with you today. I hate cell phones. I hate the fact that cell phones have completely taken over people’s lives. Why do people feel the need to ALWAYS be on their cell phones either talking or surfing the web or whatever? I seriously almost got into a car accident with some moron who was too busy talking on her phone instead of actually paying attention to the road. When I was waiting in line to pay for some stuff, the moron in front of me was talking on his cell phone so loud that I just wanted to punch him in the back of the head. And the worst is when you are with friends and they are paying more attention to their phones than to you. Seriously?  When I was a teenager, cell phones weren’t that common and we survived. Why do people nowadays act like they can’t live without them? Anyway, that’s all I have to say about that. I could say more, but it’s probably wiser to leave it at that.

I hope you’re having a nice Monday, and thanks so much for stopping by today!

32 thoughts on “China Glaze Hologlam Collection

  1. Holofraud…hahaha. ChG’s own marketing was like, “These are the second coming of OMG!!!” and…no. No, they are not. They are a big flop in that regard and, therefore, I wrote them off completely.
    However, these do look nice on you. I feel like these look the most holo of the swatches I have seen. Conclusion: you are magical. Also: maybe not all holos have to be all IN YO FACE! I’m kinda thinking of checking out some of the Avon ones for that reason.
    Cell phones, UGH. I remember my parents got me one when I was like 16 or 17 and I just remember staring at it in horror, like, why??? I RARELY used it and even though I had it in college, didn’t use it then, either. I can’t even imagine what college is like now…people just sitting in lecture on their phones.
    What I absolutey cannot stand is cell phones at the airport. O…M…G. NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR IT. Ooooo, you’re so fancy and important doing “business.” WHO GIVES A SHIT?, I’m on a business trip too, big effing deal. UGH. No one is that important. Sorry. Maybe the President or something…that’s about it. We all went on business trips before cell phones and we all survived. So, STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR INANE CRAP.

    1. The phone thing is so hard for me to deal with. I just think people are so freaking rude. No one wants to hear your cell phone convos. I did have to ask some lady to stop yapping on her phone very loudly like inches away from my ear when she was standing behind me in line one time. She was so “insulted” as if I was in the wrong. What happened to manners? Anyway, about the polishes–they are pretty but definitely NOT even close to OMG coolness. I’m sure these are just going to be forgotten.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  2. I completely agree with your opinion on cell phones. Why do people have to be on these 24/7?! Also, why do people bother going to social gatherings when they are just going to stay silent and be on their phones? There’s my little rant haha. On to polish, I got the same ones as you from this collection plus Strap on your moonboots and OMG A UFO. I have also been putting off swatching them due to them being less holo-tastic.
    Miss Intensity Nails recently posted..Dupe? – Paparazzi Dulce ButterflyMy Profile

    1. That’s so funny that we basically got the same ones. The other one that I want is OMG A UFO…LOL They aren’t as holo as we all hoped, but they are still pretty and the formula was good. I think you’ll be happy with them once you swatch them.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  3. I like Not in This Galaxy the best. I’ve had “punch him in the back of the head” moments too, good thing actions like these are illegal or lots of people would walk around with dents in thier skulls

  4. I had already purchased what I thought I wanted from this collection but now seeing Infrared on you, I want that polish! I sure hope they still have some in stock. Now kicking myself for not getting it before. I am still kind of newly polish addicted and my obsession is still strong, but I am getting to where storage space is more limited and I’ve had to get a cabinet/display shelves for the many baskets and drawers of polish I’ve hoarded. What’s a hoarder to do?!?

    I hear you on the cell phone issue. half the time I don’t even know where mine is (another room, my purse, computer desk???) and it aggravates my hubs when I don’t answer his texts or calls. In my defense, it might help if I remembered to turn my ringer back on when I leave work ;/ And what is with an entire table of people dining together and everyone has their face in a cellphone? Doesn’t anyone hold a face to face conversation anymore? Arrrgh!

    1. I am having a storage issue myself. I got rid of a few hundred nail polishes earlier in the year through a massive blog sale. At that point, I probably had anywhere between 1,000 – 1,200 bottles (or more because I stopped counting). I am not almost completely out of room in my 3 melmers which have 3 drawers each. That’s why I just keep putting up stuff on my blog sale…I can’t let nail polish completely take over my apartment!!! lol

      You and I sound the same with our cell phones. I never have mine on and it drives people nuts when they can’t get a hold of me. Oh well…cell phones are probably the most annoying tech item on the planet to me right now. They should be used only for emergencies not to ignore people or annoy them.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  5. I bought two of those the other day and then thought to myself “WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO???” because I had spent 14 bucks each in addition to four other polishes… so I returned them! I’ve never returned polish before…and to think I felt so good about it! Your post made me feel better. I know what you mean about the cell phones. I am not always talking on mine (cus I have no friends) but I am always surfing the web and watching movies… that being said I HATE it when I am out with a friend and all they can do is be on their phone… Its like “I get it, youre super popular and are so gracious to be spending your precious time in my presence…” yuck. Manners are the key word here.
    Amy recently posted..MAY GIVEAWAY!!!! Julie G Frosted Gumdrop PolishesMy Profile

    1. I think I returned one bottle of polish once and it was only because he cap was broken. It was a really pretty Illamasqua and I thought I was being good but of course I ended up buying 4 polishes at the same time that I returned one. Womp womp!

      Ugh…about the phones. I can’t even tell you how much I hate them. I honestly almost never talk on my phone and rarely text. I must be abnormal. If people want to talk, then let’s go out for coffee or something, you know? And leave the cell phones behind!!!

  6. I always like the swatches (Infrared and I keep looking at Moonboots), but them I’m like… meh, I’ll just slap some linear holo topcoat on those same colors I already have :-/
    Do not get me started about cell phones. Someone rear-ended me (when I was only 25) and I now have chronic pain because of it. Oh, and No-Fault insurance in NYS is BULLSH!T so I will have pain forever and have to pay for treatment myself. If anyone wonders why I hoard polish….!

    1. That’s terrible! I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. The one time I got a ticket for talking on my cell phone and driving, I gladly paid it because I knew I was dumb for doing it. In fact, it was the day I had given up my dog and I was talking to the family who adopted him. I was already hysterical so talking on the phone and driving was probably the worst idea ever. Anyway, I hope whoever hit you is cursed with bad luck now.

      1. Oh I’ve done that about a zillion times, but I like that you added your bad luck wishes in for me, too!

  7. I totally agree with about the holofraud.. Ehm, I also saw these amazing swatches pre-launch and I’m also one of those people just starting my obbsession at OMG collection and I only bought 2NITE (which I love) but I really needed more, and my hopes where in this collection. The first swatches I saw where horrible but after that some nicer swatches has come and I’ve also bought some. I don’t hate them as much as before but they’re not amazing. And I especially dislike that they almost only work in the sun. Not like CC’s holos which pukes rainbows everywhere no matter the light…

    And I agree about the smartphone obsession too. People have no manner. I seriously wanted to slap my bf in the face at the beginning when I was talking and he started texting with someone. But he took the hint when I pointed out that it wasn’t very polite. But some people unfortunately can’t be changed…
    Gelic’ nail art recently posted..Smitten Polish – Cookies & Cream, swatchMy Profile

    1. LOL @ pukes rainbows! I love that because it’s so true. I hope that CC continues to put out holo collections. I’m dying for them to put out a really dark red–that would be awesome! I think we were all disappointed by this collection at first because it’s not the OMG polishes. lol We all wanted similar polishes, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe one day!

      Hey, at least your boyfriend listened. Like you said, some people will never change!

  8. Like I told ya on FB, I’m not such a fan of these BUT Not in this Galaxy is actually pretty stunning. THAT does remind me of a holo.

    LOL I had a friend who was often on her phone when we were together. I loved it. The only time I’ll do that around people is if I’m bored of you or not really interested to make conversation with you OR I’m expecting a call then I just check my phone now and then.
    But I agree. We are in the age of technology and not people anymore. Oddly because I walk and don’t drive, I notice SO many people NOT paying attention because they’re on their phones.

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