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I had mentioned on Facebook that I had a bunch of new polishes to swatch, and I decided to go with these pretties that I recently picked up during one of my polish hoarding binges. I know you’re probably thinking: NOT MORE TEXTURED POLISHES!!!! However, I just couldn’t help myself because I had never tried any L.A. Girl polishes and I had seen some interesting swatches floating around on the internets. This collection has a total of 8 polishes, and I picked the 4 colors that most appealed to me. Can you believe that I actually showed some self-restraint? Anyway, let me get to the polishes and show you my swatches of the L.A. Girl Sand Blast polishes.








It was a given that I was going to pick up Sandy Beach because it’s a vibrant blue and when’s the last time I said no to a blue? This polish is super crazy pigmented and only needed two coats. I found that the formula was much nicer to work with than the China Glaze Texture polishes because it didn’t set as quickly. This is a straightforward textured polish with no sparkle to it but it does dry somewhat glossy.








I think that I was the most excited about Green Sand when I first saw the display. Again, the formula was great and it covered in two coats. The one thing I want to mention is that this polish has a glittery shimmer to it that didn’t quite show up in my pictures, but boy does it shine in the sunlight. This delicate seafoam color just totally won me over.








Glissand has the same gorgeous shimmer that doesn’t show up so well in my pictures. I have been completely obsessed with orange and coral this season so this is right up my alley. I needed 2 coats for full opacity.








And last up is Sands Of Time. This polish initially made me think of Honey Ryder from the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sands, but this polish has chunky gold glitter that really makes it shine. This is a really beautiful polish, but I’m not so sure that I really like wearing full on gold nails.


Overall, I think these are a great little set of textured polishes. I can’t say how much longer the textured craze is going to last, but so far I’m not really tired of it yet.  To tell you the truth, I had no idea where to purchase these locally until I randomly came across a display at a new beauty supply place that I visited. You are able to purchase these online, though.  What do you think of these? Do you have a favorite? Thanks for the visit today, and I will talk to you soon!

34 thoughts on “L.A. Girl Sand Blast

  1. I actually don’t mind the blue and the orangey one because the colors are so pretty. Textures without sparkle do still look like either popcorn ceiling or like you smudged your nails on your sheets. :/ I have one of the CG ones simply because I got it for free, but I haven’t given it a try yet.
    Frosso recently posted..Lacquistry In a Pear TreeMy Profile

  2. I love the “GreenSand” because I don’t have one! Anyway, the textures do look like popcorn ceilings like the Milani polishes. I’m not opposed to popcorn ceilings (on my nails) and of course my favorite is the Green Monster.

  3. Green Sand is my favorite, love that jadite shade of green. Much more wearable than “mint” green for me. And Sands of Time looks like everything Honey Ryder should be – the Liquid Sands without chunky glitter are just a little…disappointing.

  4. Wow, that blue really jumps out at you. Very pretty. Glissand is a pretty coral. I haven’t and probably won’t venture into textured polishes; your swatches will have to suffice.

  5. I like your little “self purchased” button up top. I guess it’s not really a button, but whatever, you know what I’m talking about. I’m finding it rather awkward to be like “I bought this, didn’t buy this” every time I post anything. Anyway- these are some nice textured polishes. I don’t particularly love the shiny textured polishes as they look like popcorn ceiling to me, but for some reason (must be the little shimmer, the chunky gold glitter, and honestly just the color choices) these are a lot more appealing to me than china glaze. I particularly love that peachy coral and the light green for some reason. And I like the gold too, but I find full gold nails to be a little showy, which is but isn’t my style. I know that makes no sense. Thanks for sharing! Swatch on my crazy friend, swatch on.
    Nicole recently posted..Zoya Summer 2013 Pixie Dust Collection- The Matte Sparkle PolishesMy Profile

    1. LOL–swatch on. I haven’t swatched anything today because I think my nails need a break. I am, however, watching Hoarding: Buried Alive and I am gagging. These were actually fun and I think the formula was pretty darn good–even better than CG. The green one seems to be the unanimous favorite.
      Cynthia recently posted..China Glaze Hologlam Collection My Profile

  6. They all look great but Green Sand is my favorite, such a beautiful spring/summer color 🙂

  7. Self-restraint? WHO ARE YOU? 😉
    I dunno…these are nice. I think I just prefer the textures with some sparkle, but the one here that has sparkle is a little too much for me. At least the other three colors are fairly unique in regard to textures.

      1. Now I feel bad for scaring y’all. The first one I did, the pink/purple, was hard to remove, but I didn’t use acetone or foil or anything b/c I didn’t expect to need to. The second one, the teal, was about the same, but didn’t seem as bad b/c I knew what was ahead that time. Maybe the red/red-orange/tangerine are better without the larger sequins.

  8. This texture polish minus the glitter isn’t for me BUT I like all these colours. REALLY like them. The only one that didn’t work for me was the blue one oddly enough seeing as I’m a blue freak. My FAV FAV was the green and gliss sand :)~ gaga for those two!!!

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