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Are you one of those people who love Halloween? I kind of stopped liking it once I was old enough to stop trick-or-treating. I mean, it’s not like I am a huge fan of the Halloween debauchery–how slutty can women dress isn’t really something I look forward to. Besides, I’m 35 now (it was my birthday yesterday!) which means that I’m old and crusty now. haha Why did I bring up Halloween? Because I have the China Glaze Apocalypse Of Color Collection to share with you today. Unfortunately, I am missing one polish and I didn’t buy the Ghoulish Glow because I’m not interested in the glow in the dark thing. Let me show you the 4 polishes that I piked up.

China Glaze But Of Corpse 1China Glaze But Of Corpse 2China Glaze But Of Corpse

China Glaze I Love Your Guts 1China Glaze I Love Your Guts 2China Glaze I Love Your Guts

China Glaze Don't Let The Dead Bite 1China Glaze Don't Let The Dead Bite 2China Glaze Don’t Let The Dead Bite

China Glaze Rest In Pieces 1China Glaze Rest In Pieces 2China Glaze Rest In Pieces (over China Glaze Liquid Leather)

The collector in me is annoyed that I didn’t get the 5th nail polish which is Getting To Gnaw You. This polish is like a dark brown/near black polish with copper glitter. I didn’t realize that I had missed it when I bought this collection, and then when I did see it, I wasn’t that impressed by it so I passed. Now that I’ve seen some swatches, I wish I had picked it up because it looks interesting. I have to say that the first two polishes: But Of Course and I Love Your Guts are really unique. I know the matte texture can be polarizing, but I think that China Glaze really nailed these polishes because they are soooo Halloween! I can go without the other two, but I think they are a nice addition to the collection.

Yesterday I took Peanut to the mall for a carrousel ride and we also made a quick detour to the Disney store. He instantly gravitated towards Woody.

peanutI was looking at some other stuffed toys and I saw an even bigger version of Woody and I yelled: “Look! A really big Woody!” That comment didn’t seem to go over very well with the adults in the store. Whatever! It’s not my fault that they have dirty minds.

So what do you think about this collection? I think it’s pretty cool, and I like how unexpected some of these polishes are. I think this collection should be out everywhere in October just in time for Halloween. Thanks for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

20 thoughts on “China Glaze Apocalypse Of Color Collection Halloween 2014

  1. I think that I like every one of these. I didn’t give the Halloween collection a single thought yet as I am still collecting fall releases, but these will go fast. I really like the texture of the first two. I definitely need to get my butt over to Sally’s Beauty and pick these up pronto.

  2. You are so adorable. I laughed out loud and my husband wanted to know what was so funny. He laughed at Woody too. You have no idea how terrific I think you are, and you are like that al the time.

  3. I really like Don’t Let the Dead Bite and But of Corpse. Also I love Halloween. I make it a point to be as sexy, badass awesome as possible and as covered up as possible. I don’t think sexy means slutty and I prove it year after year. ๐Ÿ™‚ Head to toe white suit, top hat, cane, killer platforms. I was the hottest pimp around. All the ladies loved me.

    1. Hahaha! I love it. You are right in saying that sexy is not automatically slutty, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. You costume sounds awesome!!!

    1. You’re right–they do have a metallic look to them, but it’s very soft. They do have a slight texture but nothing that would annoy those who hate rough finishes. I hope they take this idea and run–I’d love to see other colors in this same finish.

  4. I *do* like Halloween, probably because my parents hated it so much, haha. Although, I do wish there were more “non-slutty” options available for adult women…like something I can wear to work and around my friends’ kids. You gotta get creative. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I’m kinda “meh” on Halloween right at this moment because I’m dealing with so much shit, but it *IS* going to be amazing. I’m going to be at Hello Kitty Con, AND I have an appropriately-themed outfit for that day that matches my friend and her daughter, AND it incorporates make-up that I wanted to do last year…sooo…it will be awesome, lol.
    These are interesting! I don’t think I want any of them, but they’re kind of “gory,” which is a different spin. I like them in the order of your photos, haha.

  5. There’s always one exceptional piece in every ChG halloween collection that catches my eyes and I need to have it. This time it’s the last one – Rest In Pieces. A stunning one! <3
    Thanks for beautiful pictures. It's always a pleasure to see such nice swatches. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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