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Back to work today after a 4 day weekend. It’s painful. Oh so painful. During 2 of my days off, I took care of Peanut which was such a treat. He is 10 months old now and has such a huge personality. Now that he is mobile, he is quite a handful but I enjoyed every minute. I especially enjoyed our 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon. I think that we should have nap time at work. What do you think? Yeah, I don’t think my manager is going to be on board with that. On Sunday I went to my friend’s house and she brought out SpaRitual Arroyo. She complained that when she bought it, she didn’t know that it would be matte. She then offered it to me since she said she probably wouldn’t be using it. When have I ever said no to polish? I was so excited and couldn’t wait to try it out. Let me show you this gorgeous polish.

SpaRitual Arroyo 1SpaRitual Arroyo 2SpaRitual Arroyo is a beautiful mauve-y pink with a beautiful golden shimmer. The formula on this polish is fantastic…and out of this world for a matte. It does dry very quickly, but it’s so easy to apply. I used two coats for full opacity.

SpaRitual Arroyo 3SpaRitual Arroyo 4And here is what this beauty looks like with a shiny top coat. I have to admit that I prefer the matte finish.

This polish comes from SpaRitual’s Fall 2014 Colletion, Wander, which seems a little out of place in a Fall collection. But hey, I’m not complaining because it’s freaking gorgeous. What are you up to on this fine Wednesday? I’m just trying to figure out what to do for tomorrow’s The Lacquer Ring post. I had a long weekend to get it done, but of course I procrastinated because it’s one of my talents. Thank you for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!

17 thoughts on “SpaRitual Arroyo

  1. I really like this color, it is definitely not your typical fall color. The subtle pink makes it a nice shade to wear with the bolder jewel tone clothes of fall. I agree, the matte finish makes it extra special.

  2. I hated nap time as a kid – I never wanted to sleep. THAT has certainly changed! Haha.
    Ugh, I want this whole collection! Ain’t happening, though.
    I’m pretty excited about tomorrow’s TLR post. I did the base last night and hope my “art” nails come out OK tonight!

  3. wow! awesome of your friend to pass it on. I have been lusting after this polish since seeing the first swatches. I have to agree with your friend- since Sparitual used to do a frosted glass bottle to signify matte finishes. Not nice to be surprised if you weren’t expecting a matte. Wander collection is lovely! This one is definitely on my wish list- and it looks great matte and with topcoat! I am a sucker for mauve polish. ditto for golden shimmers. Starry Night is another one I plan to check out.

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