Tonic Hush

Hey look! I’m back on my Tonic kick. I was looking through my pile of untrieds, and I was shocked at how many Tonics have joined my little polish family in the last few months. I really wasn’t buying that much polish in 2017, but I feel like I started purchasing more indies towards the end of the year. I was having a real crisis wondering if I really wanted to keep the blog going in 2018. I’ve been at this for 6 years now and sometimes I just feel so tired and like no one even reads blogs anymore. I am so disappointed by how bad Instagram is now so sometimes I just want to shut it all down. However, I try to remind myself that I should do this for the love of polish and the hobby that this is. I shouldn’t care about stats and all that but sometimes it just feels like so much work for little to no recognition. Anyway, sorry I’m being a downer. Instead of that, I should be talking to you about this beauty that was a group custom for the Multichrome Madness group: Tonic Hush. Yes, hush and look at my swatches.


*****Purchased Myself*****

Tonic Hush

Tonic Hush

Tonic Hush (Indoor Lighting)

Tonic Hush

Tonic Hush

Tonic Hush (Direct Sunlight)

In bright sunlight, this polish looks straight up purple. Hey, I’m not complaining because purple really is one of my favorite colors. When you see this polish under less harsh/bright lighting you will see the beautiful shift and the beautiful finish. I didn’t think I would like this polish as much when I first received my bottle, but it definitely grew on me. Sadly, you can no longer get this polish but make sure to join the Multichrome Madness group because they always have awesome things in the works. I paid $13 for my bottle of Hush which I think is standard when it comes to Tonic prices. What do you think about this polish? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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Tonic Hush Tonic Hush Tonic Hush

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  1. This is beautiful. I feel bummed about IG too. Keep on blogging! I went backwards and had FB and IG nail accounts for years. Finally, this past May I got a blog.

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