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It’s that time of the year when nail polish wedding themed collections start to rear their ugly heads. I know, I know…I’m not being a killjoy or anything, but I usually find wedding collections too blah to really interest me. Despite this, I always look forward to the Essie Wedding collections because no matter how many times I get polishes with sub-par formulas, I still want to love Essie. I don’t know if that makes me loyal or kind of dumb. Either way, I never miss out on an Essie collection so it’s no surprise that I have the Essie She Said Yes Wedding Collection for 2014 to share with you today. This collection is the epitome of wedding collections: white, sheer and nudes. Before I rip this collection to shreds, let’s take a look at my swatches below.

Essie She Said Yes 1Essie She Said Yes 2Essie She Said Yes

Essie Meet The Parents 1Essie Meet The Parents 2Essie Meet The Parents

Essie Love Every Minute 1Essie Love Every Minute 2Essie Love Every Minute

Essie Got Engaged 1Essie Got Engaged 2Essie Got Engaged!

You may be surprised, but I actually do like this collection. WHAAAAAAAAAAT? Yep, you read correctly. Maybe it’s because the colors are so pretty and delicate or because I just finished watching My Best Friend’s Wedding for the millionth time, but I really like the end result. Sadly, I do have gripes with the formula on all of these polishes. I think that if you go into this knowing that they are supposed to be super sheer polishes, you won’t really be disappointed. However, I just don’t like sheers, and I do not like having to apply 4 coats of polish in between my base coat and top coat.  Two of the polishes: She Said Yes and Got Engaged! had very subtle sparkles that completely disappeared once on the nail. You can catch some sparkle depending on your lighting and angle, but otherwise you won’t really see it.  If you purchase these knowing that they are super sheer and that you’ll need multiple coats to reach opacity, I think that you will quite like these. I didn’t like these enough to want to hold on to them so they went up on my blog sale.

What do you think of this collection? Do you like sheer shades or do they drive you nuts? But more importantly, do you like My Best Friend’s Wedding? hehe Tomorrow I have another wedding inspired duo so make sure that you check in with me. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

12 thoughts on “Essie She Said Yes Wedding Collection 2014

  1. Sheer shades usually drive me crazy too. I also don’t have very many Essie polishes because the ones I gravitate towards always seem to have cruddy formulas. 🙁

  2. I don’t really mind sheer polishes and I actually do like this collection. I’ve been finding myself unimpressed with collections lately, but I think this is the kind of collection that I need!

  3. that looks thick 😀
    i love the colors, but i hate “wedding nails”! when i got married the manicurist whi did my nails had to ask me a gazillion times if i’m sure i don’t want french tips..

  4. I do the same damn thing, I keep buying Essie even though I am often disappointed. I love the look of sheer in the bottle but I don’t like applying 4 costs of color.

    As for My Best Friends Wedding – I have two words: lobster mitts!!

  5. I’ve been reading your blog for awhile – I love it – you crack me up!! 🙂 I’m not really a fan of sheer polish either, but I will say your hands and nails are gorgeous and always look fabby!

  6. I love the beginning of this post! “I don’t know if that makes me loyal or kind of dumb.” Hahaha!
    I guess these are nice for a wedding collection (I am usually not impressed with wedding collections, either), but…eh. I don’t like sheer polishes ever, period, weddings or no weddings, hahaha.

  7. haha, I think the same thing about wedding collections!! they’re usually sheer and boring.. having said that, I like two colors from the Essie collection!
    And I LOVE My Best Friend’s Wedding too!!!!!
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