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Lately I have been feeling like a big pile of poop. I think that part of it is stress related, but I also think that I’m just going through a phase. It seems that I’ve been going through this “phase” for a while now so I’m just getting worn down. Can things just get better already? I’ve been trying to keep myself occupied with polish, but that can only go so far. Last week I went to my nail places, and I ended up buying too much stuff that I’m now regretting. One of my finds included a couple of polishes from a new to me brand: ibd. I’m familiar with ibd because I’ve seen their gel polish line, but I wasn’t aware of their wide range of regular nail polish. The two polishes that I have for you today are part of the ibd Haute Frost Collection which is an 8 piece collection inspired by royal Russian Winters. Let’s take a look at these two polishes.

IBD Midnight Martinis 1IBD Midnight Martinis 2ibd Midnight Martinis

IBD Imperial Treasure 1IBD Imperial Treasure 2ibd Imperial Treasure

Aren’t these interesting?! So I just finished watching a couple of episodes of Drop Dead Diva, and I can’t believe that Jane finally came clean to Grayson about her actually being Deb. GHAAAAA! It was heartbreaking when she explained why she didn’t tell him the truth right away. If you haven’t seen this show before, I recommend that you watch seasons 1-5 on Netflix. The show is currently on its 6th and last season so I’m kinda sad about it.  Anyway, back to the nail polish: I’m really impressed with the quality of these polishes and will probably be checking out some of their core colors in the near future. Since I’m still working on thinning out my stash, I have put these up on my blog sale in case you’re interested. What do you think of these two? Have you heard of idb? Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon!


7 thoughts on “ibd Haute Frost Collection

  1. The second one’s pretty cool! It looks like it might be a little chunky to work with, but it also looks like a PART-AY!
    “royal Russian Winters” sort of sticks out to me. Maybe they were kinda “inspired by” the popularity of the OPI Russian collection.
    Sorry you are feeling le poopy. I have been feeling pretty crappy this week, too, and it’s also mostly stress. I hope you feel better!

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