Cheeky Stamping Plates – Summer Collection 2012

I am a true stamping fiend so I was really excited when I heard that Cheeky was releasing a new stamp collection. The Cheeky Stamping Plates Summer Collection 2012 consists of 26 image plates with over 150 individual designs so you definitely get a lot to play around with. When I first started using image plates, I was a snob and only purchased Konad plates but I soon discovered that other brands were putting out

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH30 CH31     Cheeky Stamping Plates CH32 CH33

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH34 CH35     Cheeky Stamping Plates CH36 CH37

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH38 CH39     Cheeky Stamping Plates CH40 CH41

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH42 CH43     Cheeky Stamping Plates CH44 CH45

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH46 CH47     Cheeky Stamping Plates CH48 CH49

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH50 CH51     Cheeky Stamping Plates CH52 CH53

Cheeky Stamping Plates CH54 CH55

Now, here is a size comparison between Cheeky stamping plates and my MASH plates.

At first I was pretty annoyed at the size difference because  all my MASH, Konad and Bundle Monster plates are the same size and I thought maybe the Cheeky plates wouldn’t fit in my card/plate holders. This would have been a huge annoyance because I want to keep all my plates in the same place. The Cheeky plates did end up fitting but just barely.

I already used one of the plates for a nail look I did yesterday and you can see it here. The plate worked perfectly, and I have no complaints about the quality of the plate because it did just what it’s supposed to do: it transferred a clear and precise image. I did notice that when I removed the clear plastic covering on the face of the plates, a lot of them already had some minor scratches. I’m not cool with that especially since they are brand new.  Now, this is where my rant will start…

I ordered the Cheeky Stamping Plates the second they were available which was on August 14th. My plates arrived on 9/13. I understand that they were being shipped from China, but that’s just a little ridiculous to me. I buy A LOT of nail supplies that come from China and nothing has ever taken this long to arrive. Even though they offered free shipping, I would have gladly paid for shipping if it meant that I would be getting my items in a timely manner. I do not think that it is unreasonable to expect to receive your items in a timely fashion: if you take my money right away, give me my products right away. Simple as that. I think the annoyance of shipping has definitely soured me on the prospect of purchasing anything else directly from Cheeky. I will look into how quickly Amazon dispatches the items if I buy from them instead of from Cheeky directly so maybe I will just always wait to buy from Amazon if they have something that catches my attention.

I guess that if you don’t mind waiting for eons for your plates, these are a pretty good investment. I paid $24.99 for my set with free shipping. It looks like prices are different on Amazon, but I haven’t looked into it yet. While not all the images are that original, I do like the variety and quality. I also have to give them major props for their packaging. The little box they come in is adorable and so is the little card that comes with it (that can also be used as a scraper!)

Will you be getting this new Cheeky stamping plates set for Summer 2012? Let me know which plate you like the most. I will be using an image from one of these plates for day 3 of the 31 Inspired Days of Nailr Art Challenge which will revolve around the color yellow. Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

5 thoughts on “Cheeky Stamping Plates – Summer Collection 2012

  1. well.. i liked the design and i think i won’t order the plates.. imagine, i waited almost 8 days to get my BM set.. so imagine how much would I wait for this plates..
    regarding the holders.. if it wouldn’t fit, for sure i would have gone nuts. I have OCD with that kind of stuff, that’s why I keep myself out of organizing stuff around the house, if I start, then I will go like a crazy person trying to organize everything according my crazy random thoughts and then freaking out when my husband or the maid change stuff of places…. yeah.

  2. I love these designs but that does suck that it took so long to get. I see on amazon that these are 19.99 and eligible for free super saver shipping so when I’m ready to buy these I think I’ll get them from there and see if konad has a decent grey since I can’t seem to find one. 🙂 Do these work just fine tho? I see a couple of people are saying they dont work.

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