31 Inspired Days Of Nail Art – Day 2: Orange

Are you ready for Day 2 of the 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art Challenge?!?!?! I am and today I have something that came out kind of awesomely strange. I’ve been seriously loving Bourjois Grenadine Tonic that the lovely Julie sent to me a while ago and I never miss a chance to use it. I absolutely adore how it’s unlike anything I have ever used. It’s like an orange high gloss polish that easily builds up to a vibrant orange with some red to boot. I guess you could call it tomato orange. I’ve used this polish for a NOTD before and you can see my results here.

Let me wow you with my orange jello nails!

Bourjois Grenadine Tonic Swatch     Bourjois Grenadine Tonic Swatch

This is three coats of the lovely Grenadine Tonic.

Cheeky Stamp CH 51     Cheeky Stamp CH 51

This is my first use of the Cheeky plates that I received today. I used plate CH51 for this design and I think the design is pretty cute. I know Vienna would love this since she loves stars so much. 😉 I applied one coat of Grenadine Tonic after I stamped the design using Konad special white polish.

So overall, I kind of really like this whole look. It reminds me of Jello (and you know there’s always room for J-E-L-L-O!) in a weird way. Now, if you’re a Jello hater, move along. Let me know what you think of my Day 2 creation. I’m usually pretty hard on myself when it comes to creativity and execution, but like I said earlier, I’m really diggin’ this. Can you dig it?

Don’t forget to check out the blogs of the other ladies participating in the 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art Challenge! Our next challenge will involve yellow which is my color obsession du jour. It will give me an excuse to finally use the crazy Nails Inc. yellow that I purchased a while ago. Woo hoo!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time!

15 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days Of Nail Art – Day 2: Orange

  1. I think they look cute!! I’m gonna have to look up this stamping process and see how it works! I keep hearing about it and seeing cool results, but I don’t really know how it happens! LOL

  2. I can definitely dig it. The only thing I can’t dig it why my link didn’t show up when all you guys’ links were on mine. Is the problem that after we go live w our posts I have to go to each person’s blog and add my link? Anyway these look great and I love that color. It is kinda jello-y looking. Would it be suitable for a jelly sandwich? I love those stars too. I gotta get those plates soon. 🙂

  3. Jello nails! Thats so awesome. I love JELLO, but orange is not my flavor of choice although I’d eat it if thats all that was left…just like the yellow or orange gatorade flavors 😛 I like orange jello on your nails though!

  4. I can dig it! That polish is so unique! It almost looks like lip gloss in the bottle or something. I like that it’s not a “jelly,” it’s a “jello”!
    At least your stamping came out well, despite all of the hassle with the plates!
    I am kind of a jello hater *hides* I wouldn’t say that I *hate* it, but I would never really voluntarily choose to eat it. If I did, I prefer “red” and “blue” flavors. Jello pudding, however, is a different story!
    Remember that three-layer jello from back in the day, like, WAY back in the day? I liked that!
    Sidebar: so we have this office cat. There is one zealous lady that works here that feeds all the ferals in the company’s “backyard” area. She tries to trap the parents to fix them and the litters to get them prepared for adoption through a rescue. One day, when I was at lunch, I come back to be informed that I have a new officemate with one of these kittens. I am not a big cat fan, and this cat has not changed that. He is so insanely mean, so insanely messy, and so insanely spoiled and whiny, and I am borderline allergic to him. Anyway! The point is that none of us ever agreed on a name for him! The owner calls him Sylvester (he is black and white), but the rest of us don’t like it because it is far too proper a name for him. I call him GelCat because around the time he came on the scene, one of our customers was adamant about us packaging their products in GelPaks, so much so that we started clandestinely referring to the customer as “GelPak.” So the cat has basically been “The Cat” or “GelCat” to me. HOWEVER, recently I have begun calling him Jello, as well, hence the point of this rambling!
    I am excited to see that Nails Inc. yellow! Jello, yellow, jello, yellow…it’s Friday, can you tell? ;P
    You changed our icons! No more angry face. Now I get a…female-looking…amoeba? Alien? Cartoon blob?

  5. This jelly polish is crazy, how many coats are you wearing? Its crystal clear but has so much color! And I dig the jelly over stamping, I really liked how it turned out for my Teal Tuesday so now that I have quite a bit of jellies to choose from I think I’ll do this look more!

    Oh, and I also miss my monocle’d avatar. I thought he was cute and pretentious. 😛

    1. i was thinking the same.. how come this polish that doesn’t even look like it really has a color can be so .. bright.. maybe? i loved it.
      and the stars on it.. <3 ..

      my next online purchase will be a plate that contains stars on it..!

  6. Lol jello haters. And i just realised your thi g says “leave me a comment or ill cry” of course i always read your ramblings! Lol love it!
    Love this mani too love the colors and those stars loving what tou. Guys are coming up with

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