Vapid Disambiguation

I have a confession to make: I don’t like thermals. Ok, I shouldn’t say that I don’t like thermals because obviously I bought this one, but I think what I meant to say is that I don’t like the fact that thermals will eventually stop transitioning after a while so you lose the factor that made them special to begin with. I actually only have two thermals in my few thousand bottle stash and they are both by Vapid. If you want to check out my swatches of Vapid Sweaters N Denim, you can click here. Now, the polish I have for you today is another deliciously complex thermal: Vapid Disambiguation.

*****Purchased Myself*****

Vapid Disambiguation

Vapid Disambiguation

Vapid Disambiguation

Vapid Disambiguation

The first two pictures of the polish are of the polish in the warm state and the next 3 are of the polish in the cold state as it transitions back to the warm state. The formula on this polish is very thin so you will have to build it up. I applied 4 thin coats for full opacity. I also wanted to mention something that has come up with a few indies as of late: this polish stinks. The scent of the base is not what I have come to expect from Vapid and there has been a lot of discussion about this in various nail polish groups. I may be a freak, but I love the scent of nail polish…especially if they are old pre 3-free formulations–those are definitely pungent but delicious. (I know I’m weird.) However this polish smells like Kleancolor polishes and that’s definitely NOT a good thing. I do want to mention that once the polish dries and you top coat it, the smell goes away. If you want to read some of my Kleancolor and Nanacoco advenures, click here and here. While I am not happy with the base stench, I am willing to give it a pass because it does dissipate and the polish is so damn pretty. I purchased my bottle of Disambiguation for $12 directly from Vapid. I’m not sure if this is still available or not so I’m sorry I can’t give you more details on it. Please let me know what you think of this polish in the comments below. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talk to you soon.

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Vapid Disambiguation Vapid Disambiguation

16 thoughts on “Vapid Disambiguation

  1. Disambiguation is seriously gorgeous. I had to check your swatches of Sweaters & Denim too bc I forgot about it…damnit, I need that! But I agree about the thermal quitting – boo!

  2. I have a beautiful Del Sol thermal that I’m so hoping still works come the summer! This is such a pretty transition x

  3. I must confess as well. I don’t dig thermals either. I have a weird condition in my hands and it makes thermals look really freaking weird. Like my ring will be cold and the rest, hot. Or it’ll change in the center of the nail. This is beautiful, though. I might make an exception…

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