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How’s your Saturday going? I’ve had a pretty darn lazy day, and it suits me just fine because we all need lazy days, right? I was looking through my “to swatch” box, and I decided to give this polish a whirl. I had never heard of Nanacoco until recently so I picked this one up to try out before purchasing a buttload of them.Nanacoco French Macaron 3Nanacoco French Macaron has a definite indie feel to it because of the milky base with various glitters. It was just a matter of time before mainstream brands got the picture and started producing these types of polishes.

Nanacoco French Macaron 4Here is a macro shot of the polish. Doesn’t it seem promising? Let’s move on to the swatches.

Nanacoco French Macaron 1Nanacoco French Macaron 2If Kleancolor had an evil twin, it would be Nanacoco. Sweet baby Jesus on rollerskates, this polish smells like Satan’s fermented pit sweat. I am sensitive to some scents and odors, but I do like the smell of nail polish. I love the sound of the cap as it unscrews and that strong chemical smell that fills my nostrils and kills a couple of brain cells. However, this polish made me want to douse myself in holy water to rid myself of the demonic smell. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating…just a bit. Once I got past the smell, I proceeded to apply it. And then I did get on my knees to pray for forgiveness. I must have done something truly horrible in life to deserve such a polish: stinky, goopy, thick and unmanageable.  I applied three coats of the polish to get full coverage, and smoothed it out with a generous coat of Seche Vite.

Sorry, Nanacoco…unless the smell on this is a fluke, I won’t even be looking in your general direction the next time I see you at my beauty supply haunts. I picked this polish up during one of my visits to the much revered polish warehouse, but I noticed that another beauty supply I frequent is now carrying them. I don’t remember exactly how much I paid for this, but it might have been about $2…definitely under $3. I wish I could get my $2 back. I wish I could get back the nostril hairs that this polish singed off with its demonic odor. Alas, this is what us polish fiends have to go through in the name of polish exploration. I will continue to sacrifice myself to bring you the best and worst of the polish world–somebody has got to do it.  Have you been unfortunate enough to get a whiff of these polishes? Am I the only one who feels this way about them? Are you willing to have the odor of Satan’s pit juice on your nails if the polish is interesting enough? Anyway, let me know! I am VERY curious to hear your thoughts on this. Talk to you soon!

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  1. I’m lucky that I was born without a sense of smell. If I did have it, I would probably pass on this. I don’t think I’d want Satan’t pit stain smell permeating the room…. or the house.

  2. The polish is pretty, isn’t it? Great review, but could you say what you really thought about it? 😀 Thank you for making me laugh this evening!

    1. Well, I’m glad you’re commenting and thanks for following! Thanks for the comment about my nephew–you’re now my favorite person ever. 😀 Yeah, this was such a promising polish because I love the minty green base and the blue, green and gold glitter but damn…it was vicious.

  3. Thanks for the review. I’m trying to cut back on buying too many polishes. I’ve never heard if this brand. If I ever see it, I’ll make sure to run the other way.

    1. I think they are worth checking out since they are so cheap. You might not think the smell is as bad as I do, and for a couple of bucks, maybe it’s worth getting one to try out. But yeah…I won’t be trying these again…EVER.

  4. I have several, but from the regular line. I get them for 16 pesos (a little over a dollar) over here at Tijuana. The metallics are TO DIE FOR, srsly. One coaters, they do smell strong but not as bad as you describe them. Maybe it’s this particular line that’s faulty? The cremes are ok, better than most cheapos but not that special. I’m always recommending the metallics to everyone, but I’ll steer clear of these lol.
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    1. I did see some metallics too, but since I don’t like that finish, I didn’t get any. To be honest, the smell probably isn’t as bad to normal people. I just have a lot of issues with scents/odors so it probably seems worse to me. I remember the first time I wore a Kleancolor polish, I almost threw up but everyone was saying that they didn’t smell that bad.

  5. This post made me chuckle! Given all the trouble you had with it, you still made it look really perfect!

    I’d never even heard of this brand before or seen it in the UK but even if it was available, I don’t think I’d bother with it after reading your review! I do have a kleancolor polish which smells absolutely foul, is goopy as hell and impossible to manage…but it’s the only neon I have so I persevere…occasionally!
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    1. It was hard to make it look decent because of how goopy it is. Luckily, Seche Vite really works miracles. Eeek…Kleancolor takes the cake in the foul odor department. This one didn’t smell so horrible after top coating it, but the Kleancolor I used continued to reek until I took it off.

  6. cynthia.. i´m laughing my ass off.. and I had to write because initials are not enough to describe how much i laughed of the drama around the smell and formula… i even read it to jorge (my husband) and in english because in spanish it wasn’t even half funny.. he thinks you’re hilarious.. the funniest part was that i was reading about the smell (i have one kleancolor that smells like hell so i made him smell it) and he told me that at least he expected the formula to be good.. he’s learning polish ladies and gentlemen.

  7. It’s funny, I just came across this polish yesterday! I saw the collection that this came from and was drooling – but when I cracked open the bottle to see about the quality, that smell hit me and I went ‘Oh hell no.’ and put it back. I wanted to cry, they looked so lovely! And only $2! But oh well, I refuse to buy polish with chemicals like that. The smell alone would melt my eyebrows, god only knows what it would do to my nails!

  8. So, does it smell bad? Hahahahaha.
    I KNOW I won’t be buying any of these if you’ve deemed them not even worth a look, hahaha.
    At least it looks nice on you. Good thing you have photos because you’ll never see it on your nails again, hahaha.

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