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How many of you have put up your holiday decorations at home? To be honest, I don’t think I’m even going to get a Christmas tree this year because I am just not in the mood to go through the process of unpacking everything. Am I a killjoy? Meh. Instead, I will wear extra festive nails which is why I was happy with our prompt for today. The Beauty Buffs are bringing you holiday inspired posts today so let me show you what I decided to do.

OPI Angel With A Leadfoot 1OPI Angel With A Leadfoot 2For my mani base, I needed a clean white color so I went with OPI Angel With A Leadfoot (press sample.) This crisp and clean white comes from the OPI Mustang Collection from earlier this year. It’s a nice white but the formula is pretty typical: super streaky on the first coat but buildable. I applied 3 coats for my mani to get full opacity.

KBShimmer Decals SheetI am super new to use decals, but I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try them. I decided to use the lights strand decals for my mani. I love that they are red because they look awesome against the white background. You can use these vinyls as decals or as stencils–let your creative juices flow. These particular nail vinyls are from KBShimmer (press sample) and can be purchased here for $5. What a steal for all the awesome designs you get!

KBShimmer Decals 1KBShimmer Decals 2The vinyls were super easy to use and I just cut them and applied them where I wanted the design to be. Because I wanted a little more bling, I decided to place some glitter on the bulbs.

Shimmer Alice 1Shimmer Alice 2I used Shimmer Alice (press sample) for the sparkle in the bulbs and I think it was a perfect choice. I really like how this turned out!

So are you into the holiday season yet or are you grouchy like me and don’t want to make the effort? Well, I hope you liked my holiday mani, and don’t forget to check out the other festive posts from my fellow Beauty Buffs. Thanks so much for stopping by today, and I will talking to you soon.



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15 thoughts on “The Beauty Buffs – Holiday Inspired

  1. We’ve never had a real tree (husband doesn’t want to mess with one). We don’t feel like putting our artificial one up this year and I don’t feel bad about it. It’s a hassle and frankly, I’ve never enjoyed that aspect of the holiday. I like seeing it once it’s up, but I hate everything about putting it up and decorating it. Anyway, I have decorated the fireplace mantel and that’s good enough for us. Plus, a few outside lights. 🙂 I think it’s all about whatever gets you in the spirit of the holidays.

  2. I absolutely love the creativity of applying the polish over the nail vinyls! What a great idea!!! Super clean and festive. I hear you on the christmas tree thing. I haven’t decided…but I kind of don’t want to either – would rather focus on my nails!

  3. I got those nail vinyls and am waiting another week to use them. My idea was to put different-colored rhinestones in the bulbs, lol. We have always had a real tree but we’re pushing 60 and I’m tired of nagging my DH to finally take the thing down and get it outside (I have a rotator cuff issue and doing it myself isn’t an option) so – completely against his wishes – I bought a pre-lit artificial this year. Putting it up this weekend. We are good with the putting-up-and-decorating, he just isn’t good about getting it out of the house. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you have a dead Christmas tree in you LR in March. 😉

  4. GENIUS idea to add the little touch of glitter to each of these! I love them! And I will have to try out these vinyls sometimes – super cute and love how easy they seem to be to use 🙂

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